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This mod patches You Are SPECIAL's perks to be more in line with Be Exceptional as well as removing or changing some redundant perks.

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You Are Special and Be Exceptional are both excellent perk mods using the LevelUpMenuEX framework. They're mostly compatible together out of the box, though there are a few oddities. This mod intends to fix those minor issues while also making the two mods work more seamlessly together.

  • Many perks from You Are SPECIAL have had their SPECIAL requirements replaced by Be Exceptional's skill requirements. Pistol related perks require points in Pistol skills, Energy Weapon-related perks need points in Science, etc. This way, there is less emphasis on dumping points into SPECIAL training and more emphasis on thoughtful skill point allocation. 
  • Stonewall has been disabled, as Be Exceptional already had a functionally identical perk called Bodybuilder. 
  • You Are SPECIAL's Math Wrath perk was renamed to Manual Override, to avoid confusion with Be Exceptional's Math Wrath.
  • Some perks have had their names, descriptions, or effects changed to match perks from older Fallout games.

I'm not sure how balanced I've made this mod, but if something seems to have too high or low of a requirement, or you disagree with a change I've made, please let me know in the comments and I'll take it into consideration. This was something I just threw together as a personal project.