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122 tracks, mainly old-time, folk and blues of the American south. Has a mix of instrumentals, thematic ballads, and just some fun songs. Best enjoyed over the PA system at The Castle, or while patrolling the Commonwealth with a loyal hound.

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Attention: A new version of this mod is available in New Vegas, complete with new tracks.

122 tracks for Radio Freedom, hoowee * Sick of violin? This mod uses 100% fiddle
Hot biscuits, and sugar in your coffee * Pure corn mash, 100 proof, 25¢ a gallon
Gets down in the young folk's heels, so's they can't keep from dancin'
Powered by JRaven's Extra Tracks mod

Replaces Radio Freedom's current tracks with one hundred and twenty-two (122!) new songs that make the station more upbeat while promoting the,*ahem*,"red-neck" image of the Minutemen. If you have ever been lulled to sleep listening to the Minutemen's resident violinist rehearse for a recital that will never be held, please download this mod.

The majority of the songs are old-time, blues and folk songs from the 1920-30's, with production values I find more appropriate to the fallout 'vibe'. I've tried to heavily favor fiddle music to keep the general tone one would expect from the station. It should also be noted that this mod exclusively features artists of the American South. This is my small protest of the lack of Fallout titles set below the Mason-Dixon (I don't want to talk about BOS, don't bring it up).

Let me know if any of the songs need attention regarding the volume levels, everything should be about the level of the station

I *HIGHLY* suggest downloading the Disable Minutemen Radiant Quests mod. Those quests are useless and listening to Radio Freedom allows them to insinuate themselves into your pip-boy over the airwaves without your consent. Now the Lowered Minutemen Expectations mod.


Spiced up the musical selection with some Creole influence, and decided the setlist could use a feminine touch.

Featuring the musical stylings of:

Uncle Dave Macon
Eck Robertson
Dock Boggs
Mainer's Mountaineers
Charley Patton
Fiddlin' John Carson
Kessinger Brothers
Darby & Tarlton
Robert Wilkins
Buell Kazee
Gid Tanner & The Skillet Lickers
Frank Hutchison
Gus Cannon
Earl Johnson & His Clodhoppers
Blue Ridge Mountain Entertainers
Seven Foot Dilly and His Dill Pickles
Leo Soileau
Samantha Bumgarner
Eva Davis
Ernest V. Stoneman
Amédé Ardoin

AND MANY MORE (check readme for full list)

Use a mod manager. Alternatively, read the

"INSTALLATION" section of any other radio mod.

Or just slap those files right in there yourself,

consequences be damned:

BOTLANNER for his radio file structure download and Vickichan for the MultiXWM tool.

JRaven/JVarnes for his Extra Track ESP

Thank you to CONELRAD, Existence 2.0, X-1, and all the other great radio mods that
set the bar so high, for this game to fall so short of.