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Add wearable jackets and coats

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Abandonned mod. Merged into FCO

Presentation :

Hello, this mod add new (craftable) jackets and coats for you to wear:
 - Bomber Jacket
 - Highschool Teddy
 - Winter Jacket
 - Maxson's battle coat
 - Reporter coat
 - Maxson's cape

Optional Content :
I have created an optional plugin to make them compatible with the Crafting Workbenches mod. You'll find them in the clothing category. They will require some component.

 - Bomber Jacket                                                                           : 5 leathers + 2 adhesives
 - Highschool Teddy G&Y (Green and Yellow)                            : 5 leathers + 2 adhesives
 - Highschool Teddy W&R (White and Red)                                : 5 leathers + 2 adhesives
 - Winter Jacket                                                               : 5 scrap of clothes + 2 adhesives
 - Maxon's coat  : 15 leathers + 10 adhesives + 7 aluminum + 7 steels + 1 ballistic fiber
 - Maxon's cape                                                               : 2 scrap of clothes + 1 adhesives
 - Kells's coat                                                                                 : 5 leathers + 2 adhesives

if you don't use Crafting Workbench, you can add them by console command:

type: help coat 4
then: player.additem (the coat id you want)

type: help jacket 4
then: player.additem (the jacket id you want)

type: help cape 4
then: player.additem (the cape id you want)

(replace XX by the plugin's load order)

Because they are replacing your upper armor part, i make them a little bit better than their vanilla items.
If you have any suggestion, feel free to post them in the comment section.

Optional Fix :
New optional plugins added in the download section. Remember that this is an attempt to fix some bugs like clipping / high shoulders / fat arms (mostly for womens).

Choose 1 between 3 optional plugin.

Compatibility Patch

A patch for Layerable Apparel is available directly in the download section of Layerable Apparel mod. It also contain the optional fix in it. Go take it -> here.

CBBE Conversion

The mod now have an optional package containing all required files for cbbe users. Choose the JacketMod group and batchbuild everything with your own preset.
You can still use the CBBE conversion made by RustyXXL here
With the new version (1.15+), you can now add your own textures for all jackets and coats. To do it, this is the step by step guide:
     - Go to the folder Data/Textures/Clothes/JacketMod/Custom
     - Open the folder for the specific clothe you want
     - Drop your textures and rename it to:custom_d.dds (diffuse texture)
 custom_n.dds (normal texture)
 custom_s.dds (smooth specular texture)

That's it. Now you can launch your game and craft your jacket in the Clothes Workbench / CLOTHING 4 - CUSTOM JACKETS
or add it with the console command.

You can also find rexteture of many of these jacket / coat made by the community
Retexture of the leather coat by Nervod1138: Dark Recolor of Leather Coat from Jacket and Coats of the Commonwealth

Install :
Drag and drop "jacket.esp" into your data folder
Drag and drop the meshes, materials and textures folders into your data folder
Drag and drop "Crafting Workbench - Jacket.esp" only if you use the Crafting Workbenches mod (load it after jacket.esp and crafting workbenches.esp)

Uninstall :
delete "jacket.esp" and "Crafting Workbench - Jacket.esp"
delete all the "JacketMod" folders located in:
- data/meshes/clothes
- data/materials/clothes
- data/textures/clothes

Known bugs :
  • Jackets and coats only display the upgrade mods you have in your inventory. You can still craft one for a leather chest armor and then apply it to the coat you want. 
  • Kell's coat / reporter coat have some bad looking depend of your outerwear (fat ass and big boobs).
  • Sometime, the game forgot the layered outfit so the jacket don't cover properly your outfit. This can happened if you suddenly choose to wear a hat. Easy fix is to unequip/reequip your jacket.

History :
Optional Clothes fix - v1.03

v1.26 - Imporved meshes for male coats and jackets

v1.25 - Added new coats (Colonial duster, Silver Shroud, Settler coat, etc...)
         - Added new unique jacket based on Full Metal Alchemist. Thank you Nekaroh :)
         - All jackets and coats can now be crafted at the Armorsmith Workbench
         - You can change the color of your jacket at the armor workbench
         - Added a second item slot

Optional Clothes fix - v1.02

v1.21a - A simple little fix for the greaser jacket

v1.21 - fixed missing modification for the greaser jacket
         - Changed all data/.../clothes folders to data/.../Hunk92 folder. I prefer to regroup all my work in a custom folder.

v1.20 - 2 new coats and 1 new jacket
         - 4 unique jackets with unique feature (only buyable)
         - New path for custom textures
         - all jackets and coats compatible with legendary modifications

Optional Clothes fix - v1.01

v1.16 - Fixed wrong color of the Battle coat - True Black version
         - Potential fix for CTD / Freeze in crafting menu
         - Fixed wrong path for the custom winter jacket texture
         - Fixed incorrect materials requirement for the custom battle coat

Optional Clothes fix - v1.00

v1.15 - Added a lot of new color for all coats
         - Possibility to had your own textures easily
         - Nerf of the kells / reporter coat
         - New requirement for the Maxson's coat

v1.10 - Fixed Maxson's battle coat not appear on male character
         - Fixed incorrect 1st person arms
         - Railroad's ballistic weave should be usable on all coat and jacket (need test)
         - Maxson's cape now don't use any clothes slot

v1.04 - Added mod for all coats and jackets

v1.03 - Added Maxon's coat and cape + Kells coat

V1.0 initial release

Used Tools:
Material Editor

Featured Video

Thanks to Zaynori / UNOG :) [featured version 1.16]

Thanks to pixelgamer :) [featured version 1.0]

Thanks to Vatiwah :) [featured version 1.0]

Thanks to Westname :) [featured version 1.0]