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Adds a high quality, scratch made replica of Loosum's armor from RAGE into FALLOUT4 for females, hat and goggles for males.

Permissions and credits

- My last full armor set for FALLOUT4, I'll still be releasing bits and bobs here and there like the shirt that I recently released, but the age of full armor sets like this one is done for me.
- Adds a high quality, scratch made replica of Loosum's armor from RAGE into FALLOUT4. Very close to the original in RAGE, but improved in several areas I'd say. Textures aren't as good or consistent as I wanted to, I ran out of time, but they're good enough.
- It's modeled on and uses a customized version of the CBBE body by default.
- Uses 1x 4k texture set (main armor), 3x 2k texture sets(gloves, scarf and helmet). I wouldn't attempt to lower the res on those if I were you, armor has a lot of pieces and details and might get too blurry at lower texture resolutions. You'll be able to use this with no issues if you can run FALLOUT4.
- Armor contains 7 pieces: main armor, standard gloves, scarf, a single left glove,  a single right glove, the hat and the goggles separated from the hat.
- Hat and googles are male compatible, scarf might work with male bodies too(haven't tested), rest is female only.
- All pieces craftable at the chemstation
- All pieces are ballistic weave compatible, so you can improve armor rating if you've unlocked that mod in the game.


Q: Consoles ?
A: No.

Q: Character and mods used in ... ?
A: Private.

Q: ENB ?
A: Film Workshop.


1. Unpack the files into your Fallout 4 Data directory
2. Enable the "loosumRageArmor.esp" plugin in your mod manager

Or use NMM to download/install


1. Disable the esp plugin
2. Delete all files that came with this mod

Known Issues

- Bad weighting in the waist area particulary during sneaking, some clipping here and there. Not going to bother fixing.


- ajhakra for the copper cubemap