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This is a conversion of Cross_2077 mod by Niero for The Milk Drinker's Atomic Beauty Body.

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This is a Milk Drinker's Atomic Beauty conversion for Cross_2077! I'm a fan of Niero's work so I decided that it was time to convert it for the body mod of my choice. This cyber punk dystopian inspired attire will bring the style of a dystopian future to the Commenwealth! I'm rather pleased that Niero gave me permission for this conversion!

Please take note that if you do not download the original mods files the files here will not work at all! Please download the original files on Niero's page before downloading and installing this!

Let me know when issues with these files come up and I will try to find a fix!


1. Download and install BodySlide and Outfit Studio

2. Download and install Atomic Beauty

3. Download and install Cross_2077. These first 3 steps are crucial otherwise this mod will not work at all, so please download and install the first 3!! Please consider endorsing mods!

4. Download and Install this mod. It can be done in two or 3 ways. Download the mods by either using NMM, Vortex, or via manual installation. ( To install manually, take the folders for this mod and place them in the appropriate places such as placing meshes and tools folders in your Fallout 4's data folder. This will overwrite or add to the original folders content.) (Normally the fallout directory pathing is C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4.This can change based on where you installed your steam files.)

5. Unless you wish to play with the preset I've created for Atomic Body, go into your body slide studio within your tools folder and create your own body shape until satisfaction. If you wish for it to look like and unedited Atomic Beauty body you will have to set all sliders to 0. If the body you have created is a bit on the extreme side there may be some clipping issues.

6. Enjoy!

Fallout 4: Bethesda
Atomic Beauty: themilkdrinker
Cross_2077: Niero
BodySlide and Outfit Studio: ousnius & Caliente

Body Conversion Instructions: Wurmy2000
Poses: shinoboru & SunJeong
For The Conversion: Vagrantofthewastes myself