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This is a high-tech institute themed settlement for Starlight Drive with room for 40+ settlers.

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With the Minutemen struggling to support the scattered settlements and the Brotherhood lost to their fear of the past, it is up to the Institute to drag the remnants of civilisation out of barbarism and into the future. In 2297, the Institute under the direction of a dynamic new leader established their first (official) surface installation. As part of its mission, the site acts as a defensible rest stop for commonwealth traders (and boasts its own mercantile services), and what may be the cleanest restaurant in America (complete with PC bang)

Offering medical care and the best entertainment caps can buy, the hub functions as the friendly face of the Institute, injecting new technology and ideas into the failing community. An experience for the whole family and the ideal environment for the people of the Commonwealth to familiarise themselves with the possibilities of synth personal assistants.

The goal of the facility is twofold, research and public relations. The technology here is bright and shiny, designed to inspire wonder in the locals. As word spread of the outreach centre, it came to be known as the Crystal Castle. Colloquial, but apt. Open to citizens of the commonwealth the Centre shows the potential that the Institute can bring to the commonwealth. Everything from advanced robotics, to genetically modified crops, to advanced transportation, are on display.

Crystal Castle currently fills slot 13.