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A mod that aims to make the game's damage system make more sense.

Permissions and credits
What this mod does:
It aims to make the game's damage system make more sense.  A guy without a helmet should be vulnerable to headshots, regardless of resistances, having no armor should make body shots more lethal. This mod does not require F4SE.

1. Assigns new Armor Penetration, Energy Penetration, Damage Modifier, attached to different firearm receivers according to the caliber as Enchantment.

2. Assigns new Armor/Helmet Rating, Energy Armor/Helmet Rating to different armor types as Keywords

3. Determines the hit location of an attack (Head or Torso/Everything else).

4. Compares and calculates these values to determine a new damage output applied in addition to vanilla damage mechanics.

A 10mm caliber firearm has a physical penetration value of 16, Damage Mod of 24 (influences wound severity rather than HP dmg).

A basic leather type armor has armor rating of 12 vs physical, a metal helmet has helmet rating of 32 vs physical.

Hence, the 10mm firearm can penetrate a target's leather armor, which may result in minor, serious or even fatal damage, depending on target type/size, hit location , and is influenced by stats.

However, the 10mm firearm cannot penetrate the metal helmet, to which only vanilla damage applies.

This mod will allow you to head shot kill a Gunner in Power Armor that has no helmet, or after the helmet is destroyed.  It can make certain tough fights trivial (head shot Deathclaws with a .308, or one shot Sentry bots with a missile hit to the torso or core). The key is penetration. As long as your gun can penetrate the target's skin or armor, then killing it gets a lot easier.  This applies to the player as well.

All effects are applied in HP% so it is irrelevant how much HP a target has.  I try to make the mod work alongside vanilla mechanics, rather than overhaul it.  One way to describe it is, consider vanilla damage as the painful impact of a bullet to the body or body armor, then my mod is whatever goes on if and when that bullet pierce through armor and goes into the body.

There are plenty of other effects such as dismemberments, decapitations, knockdowns, staggers, depending on the type and power of an attack.

Download and Install via NMM, choose whether no DLC or all DLC, select patches, done.
If you are installing this on an existing save game, simply re-equip your gear for the mod's gear enchantments to kick in.
If you are updating from an older version, please uninstall the previous version completely before downloading and installing the latest version.

Current Compatibility Patches included in the Installer: (check Logs for update changes)
General Patches:
LooksMenu Customization Compendium
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) ver 8.4

Armorsmith Extended
Horizon ver 1.6
Unique NPCs - Creatures and Monsters
Super Mutant Redux
Raider Overhaul
South of the Sea
Respawnable Legendary Bosses and Hard Legendary Giant Creatures
Ruff Riders - Mounted Enemies of the Commonwealth
Church of Atom Overhaul
C.A.S.T. Synth Overhaul

Deadlier Deathclaws

Weapon Patches:

Deadpool2099 Weapon Mods Collection
FX0x01 Weapon Mods Collection
fadingsignal Beretta M9-FS
TheRizzler1 LAER (Laser Assisted Electrical Rifle)

LtCommander DKS-501 Sniper Rifle
        Crossbows of the Commonwealth
Major McCracking 10mm SMG
WarMocK Makeshift SMG

3nikhey Winchester P94
Equilibrium - Weapons (Balance Enhancements)
Modern Weapon Replacer Beretta M9-FS
Modern Weapon Replacer Service Rifle Redux
Modern Weapon Replacer RU556
Armor Patches:
Niero TheKite's Handmaiden
Niero Mojave Manhunter

Niero Courser Strigidae
Niero Institute Expeditionary Suit
Classic Combat Armor
Militarized Minutemen
Eli's Armour Compendium
Tough Traveller Outfit ver 2.0
K-9 Tactical Harness

Possible Issues and Conflicts:
This mod alters vanilla records under RACE, OBJECT MODIFICATIONS (mostly firearm receivers), and ARMORS (chest and helmet pieces, mostly).  If you believe you have mods that alter any one of these, then the effects of this mod will not work for those particular alterations until I can make a patch for it.

I will be adding more compatibility patches over time. If you are using guns or armors that are not on the Patch list, then those items will not have the effects this mod does, meaning, the guns will work as in vanilla, and the armors will not protect you from guns that I have already patched/modded resulting your character suffering a very quick death (as if you have no armor) upon getting shot.

I do not recommend using this mod with other damage overhaul mods, as the effects would probably be redundant or conflicting.  Pick whatever damage overhaul mods you prefer!

If you are a modder yourself and understand the basics of CK modding, applying the effects of this mod is simply a matter of attaching an enchantment to an armor or weapon part.

I have play tested this mod from start to finish, from a level 1 to level 128 character, through all the different DLCs, bug fixing and tweaking the mod as I go along.  I am sharing this because I feel it is stable enough and works well enough for me, that other people may try it.

Future Plans:
I would also like a melee implementation of this mod, but Sneaky Kills is my current lethal melee mod of choice.

I would also like to add as much compatibility patches as I can with other weapons, calibers, armor, and overhaul mods to work with this, but I may need help with that since it's a whole lot of work and testing (especially with overhaul mods).

Some more info about the mod (more technical stuff)
This mod has 4 scripts: an ability script [AbhitEffect_ApplyFX.pex], a script for equippable actors (gear based bonuses) [AbhitEffect_Script_Human.pex], a script for creatures (no gear, innate bonuses) [AbhitEffect_Script_Creature.pex], and a quest script to activate MCM [AbhitEffect_Script_Quest].

The ability scripts are run through enchantments, categorized according to RACE, and applied to the player and NPCs.

The severity of wound is determined primarily by the caliber and the target's overall size.  A 5mm may have good penetration but may be lacking in the take down department.  Shotgun damage gets amplified the more BBs hit the target, this may result in the gun being rather inconsistent outside of head shots.

Energy weapons burn through the target rather than have a fragmenting piece of metal entering the body, hence they generally have lower potential for wound severity than their physical counterparts.  However most armors in the game are rated lower for energy protection. Plasma has equal level physical and energy penetration so it is most useful against most common targets.

Keep in mind that all attacks can be potentially lethal in one hit against human sized targets.

Perception + Luck - increases the likelihood of deadlier wounds to shots made
Agility + Luck - decreases the likelihood of deadlier wounds from shots taken
Endurance - directly decreases the % amount of HP lost when a wound level is applied