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This mod features changes to the Super Duper Mart as well as adding a new Boston Square WorldSpace. It has a character named Caillou, a house that him and his family live in plus a few quests that he takes part in. One Quest has you rescue him from his house while it's on fire! The quests altogether take about 1.5 hours to complete!

Permissions and credits
This mod has an array of new features for your gameplay experience.It features:

A refurbished Super Duper Mart Store
Clerks that you can barter and talk with in the Super Duper Mart
A refurbished Diamond City Dugout Inn
A bakery in which you can be greeted by a lovely old couple who have
been running the business for 250 years.
A new World Space consisting of a neighborhood taking place in the Year
And lastly, a PBS/GoAnimate Cartoon Character named Caillou which you
can interact and help during his days in the year 2000!

This mod took me exactly a year to make! (Started October 22 2017 Uploaded to Here October 20 2018) (Then worked on it from October 20th to April 8th 2019) I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

P.S. Please inform me of any bugs in the comments!
Also the way to go to Caillou's house and the new Boston Square is at
the Memory Den basement! There's a hatch door there for which you enter
it and will bring you back in time to Caillou's House!