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Use keyboard, mouse, and gamepad simultaneously.

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This mod is no longer supported.
Buffout 4 provides this functionality, as well as heaps of more wonderful things! Give it a try.
The original intent of this mod was to allow minimal KEYBOARD key input, primarily for quickbinding Favorites, with gamepad as main input method. I mentioned this below for that specific reason, as other use cases caused me issues. This was a hacky workaround with control map edits that allowed both KB and Gamepad to be read simultaneously, depending on the situation. I posted this here to the nexus in case it helped anyone else, but I believe at this time it's causing more issues than it is solving for anyone who tries it out. I won't hide the mod or remove it from Nexus, but I encourage anybody who uses this to investigate creating a new/updated version, or relying on outside software to suit your needs (Autohotkey, vjoy, etc).

Original Description:


This CustomControlMap.txt allows all inputs to be used simultaneously. A second one is included that remaps each of the DPAD buttons to the innermost favorites (great for weapon quick-swap). The mouse technically works, but when a gamepad is connected mouse-look is incredibly sensitive, and mouse-map is disabled. 

This mod is primarily meant for gamepad users who also want to use keyboard keys for extra remaps (like favorites) using an outside program. If you wish to create your own version of this, just remove the 8th column from each line in CustomControlMap.txt

Example lines (you will delete the index numbers in red):
Pause    0x1b0xff0x0010   1110x8

Becomes This:
Pause    0x1b0xff0x0010   111

F4SE link

Known Issues (Mouse problems galore):
-Mouse look needs to be disabled / adjusted during normal gameplay
-Mouse needs to be enabled on map screen
*Delete "ControlMap_Custom.txt" under [Documents > my games > Fallout4] if this mod doesn't appear to be working.

Version History:
1.0 - Fixed folder structure
0.4 - Fixed lockpicking (controller only for now)
0.3 - Reformatted in Notepad++ for easier editing in the future. Screenshot added.
0.2 - Added a few 8th column entries back. Pipboy and Console should now open and close in KB/M mode.
0.1 - Initial Release