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This mod prevents the "Perception Bug" from affecting the player.

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Have you had enough with the Perception Bug? Did you recently notice your perception is lower than it should be, only to find out the only way to fix it is to revert to an old save? Well, I will soon have a video on how to correct your bad perception value, and in the interim this mod will prevent the bug from occurring.

The Perception bug occurs when you use Med-X, which has the "FortifyPoisonRsist" MGEF, while currently poisoned by any variant of Stingwing or Radscorpion. The Stingwing and Radscorpion poison has a perception -5 for 4 seconds, and if you take Med-X while poisoned, your character will have -4.4 Perception permanently. This mod runs a condition check on Med-X's "FortifyPoisonResist" to only apply poison resistance to you if your perception is at full value, keeping the bug from ruining your character's perception.

This mod is a preventative measure for the Perception Bug and cannot "fix" the bug if it has applied to your character, however, I have included a video on how to fix a broken character in the videos section.