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Ever looked around Nexus for a Vault Boy face preset and couldn't find one? Can't be bothered making one yourself? I got ya pal!

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Basically... (Its not going to be brief... pretty much a time wasting speech explaining it packed with grammar errors cuz im lazy)
...i was working on making a vault boy face preset for a while now, many times i thought of making him chubby and look more like an average joe but then i thought to myself... who is put on the 50's commercials and posters the most? so i've decided to make him into a manly manly man with a beautiful jaw, straight narrow but not too narrow nose and overall dashing looks while sticking to the main style, made my job a lot easier and a whole lot more satisfying.
Originally i've made it for personal use but then my very good friend jmanumber1 told me its great and told me to share it with the community... so here it is folks... if i see it on front page as a hot mod imma lose my marbles but im still happy enough knowing people are enjoying my preset.

Special Thanks To...
mber1 - for being a good friend and telling me that i should post this piece of art on two legs with two arms
Niero - for recreating the wonderful Cyberpunk 2077 V's jacket that has been used in the screenshots

other than that nothing, don't like male face texture mods because they turn characters into plastic dolls
yes... this preset is an evidence that you don't need mods to create good looking dudes.

In the future i might release more presets meant for specific playstyles/builds for the roleplayers out there and maybe self made overhaul of some of the characters in the wastes if i can figure out how to make a mod that overwrites NPC's looks... IM NEW! OK?!?! GO EASY ON ME GUYS!