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VIS-G Patches for the modding guides "Fallout 4 Mod List and Load Order Guide (BiRaitBec Modlist)" by BiRaitBec and "Crossing the great wastes" by Ape75

You can still use them without following these guides but bear in mind that some mods are specifically designed for these guides :)

Permissions and credits
Patches are flagged as ESP/ESL
They no longer count towards the 255 plugin limit. Additionally you can still sort them like normal .esp's.

Tested with Mod Organizer 2. Should work with Vortex.

Doesn't work with old NMM. Use the newest build (0.65.11 or higher)

Required Steps:

Please read the whole description.

Install VIS-G Item Sorting (Main file) and its requirements.
Additionally you need Armorsmith Extended for some of my patches. 

Make sure that nothing overwrites Instance Naming Rules (check with FO4Edit) and ...\interface\ folder of VIS-G. I recommend MO2 for adjusting your load order.

Helpful mod to check if everything is tagged: IN-GAME-ESP EXPLORER

1) Main File - General Schnips's VIS-G Patches 
covers some mods in modlist "Crossing The Great Wastes"

Mods included:

2) Main File - VIS-G Patches - BiRaitBec ModList covers all mods in BiRaitBec Modlist

Mods included:

 Right now I'm focusing on patching mods listed in Ctgw and BiRaitbec modlist, so I don't take requests. Maybe later. Sorry :(
This collection isn't complete. More patches will follow over time :)

Please report bugs like missing/wrong icons, weird naming, etc.

Other VIS-G Patches:
-Caesar's VIS-G Patches
-Ruse's VIS-G and Armorsmith Extended Patches
-Universal Patch Installer

Useful script to create your own patches: 

Pra's Fo4Edit Scripts - Automatic Patch Generation (Tags everything, except weapons and armors)

Modlists I made patches for: Crossing the great wastes (fallout 4 modlist) and Fallout 4 Mod List and Load Order Guide (BiRaitBec Modlist)