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About this mod

This is my collection of VIS-G Patches I created for the modding guide "Crossing the great wastes" by Ape75.

Of course you can still use them without following the guide but you should read my description, because some patches are tailored for the guide to make them work :)

Permissions and credits
I've flagged all my patches as ESP/ESL, which has nothing but benefits, especially for patches.
They no longer count towards the 255 plugin limit. You can still sort them like normal .esp's.

Tested with Mod Organizer 2. Should work with Vortex.

Doesn't work with old NMM. Use the newest build (0.65.11 or higher)

Everything is tagged. From Armour to Weapons.
I hope

Required Steps:

Please read the whole description.

Install VIS-G Item Sorting (Main file) and its requirements.
Additionally you need Armorsmith Extended for some of my patches. 

Make sure that nothing overwrites Instance Naming Rules (check with FO4Edit) and ...\interface\ folder of VIS-G. I recommend MO2 for adjusting your load order.

Helpful mod to check if everything is tagged: IN-GAME-ESP EXPLORER

Mods covered: 

v1.4.1 includes many patches not listed below. Check the preview window for now until I update the description :)


-The Mercenary - Pack
-Canteens of the Commonwealth (Wearable)


OUTDATEDSynth Overhaul - C.A.S.T (Superseded by the following patch: AE VIS-G Replacer Synth Overhaul v3.0.4 found in VIS-G Item Sorting)
-We Are The Minutemen in combination with Far West Minutemen.
 IMPORTANT: My patch is made for We Are The Far West Minutemen, which requires My_Minutemen.esp   as a master.
 If you don't use "We Are The Far West Minutemen" download this patch instead: We Are The Minutemen -   VIS-G - Armorsmith Extended Patch
-Far West Minutemen
-Raider Overhaul WIP in combination with Raider Overhaul Restored Content
 IMPORTANT: Install "Raider Overhaul WIP 12.4 Main File". Install "Raider Overhaul-AE Patch-Restored Content I Full File".
 Remove ESP only "Raider Overhaul - AE Patch-   Restored Content.esp" (disable it, MO2 users can move it to optional). Install my patch.

New Locations/Quests:

-Diamond City Plus
-Diamond City Outskirts (The Hole REDUX)
-Project Valkyrie
-South of The Sea. (March 2018 Update) 
-Minuteman Watchtowers


OUTDATEDUnbogus Fallout Overhaul (Superseded by the following patch: Resh's GNARLY Unbogus Fallout Overhaul Patches)


-Better Stores (Not on Nexus)
-Manufacturing Extended
-Private Area Markers (keep settlers out of your house)
-Timer Power Switch
-Vanilla Extensions


-Ak5C - A Nordic Relic

NOTE: Right now I'm focusing on patching mods listed in Ctgw, so I don't take requests. Maybe later. Sorry :(
This collection isn't complete. More patches will follow over time :)

Please report bugs like missing/wrong icons, weird naming, etc.

Other VIS-G Patches:
-Caesar's VIS-G Patches
-Ruse's VIS-G and Armorsmith Extended Patches
-Universal Patch Installer

Useful script to create your own patches: 

Pra's Fo4Edit Scripts - Automatic Patch Generation (Tags everything, except weapons and armors)

Link to modding guide I use: Crossing the great wastes