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Dynamic settlement Housing.

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Thank you for choosing RobCo!!  Your RobCo Automatic Settlement Housing unit (Called a Node Shack by our design team for it's advanced virtual-node storage mechanism) is an excellent purchase, guaranteed(1) to provide you with all the comforts of home and designed to stylistically blend into just about any post-apocalyptic living environment. Using Quantum Entanglement, and with the help of C.I.T. and their miracle "transistors" we were able to pack everything we think you'll need to survive the aftermath of global nuclear destruction into the 9th dimension in "virtual nodes" linked into a simple button on a post. Press the button and Pop!! Just like magic, a fully-equipped basic home appears, complete with a bed, stove and all the modern comforts you'd expect like running water, porch lights and electricity. For those more adventurous survivors, each RobCo Automatic Settlement Housing unit can be configured to contain the most common crafting and repair facilities, or the entire setup can be de-constructed back into it's post in an instant to allow it to be moved around your chosen settlement at will.

(1) No legally binding agreement is enforceable by this claim.


Adds a button on a post that, when constructed in build mode and then depressed outside of it, does magical, wonderful things.

It's a "Virtual Node" Shack, based on (and using some of) the "Pier Shack" assets. Unlike many choices available, It has no visible cracks or holes, I personally, would be VERY comfortable living in it. Contains One settlement bed for settlers. It has a few buffs:

If you choose player shack, it spawns settlement-linked workbenches. It CAN has a Power Armor bench, as well as a Robot Workbench outside. (Robot Bench is linked to the DLCROBOTModQuest global, so should NOT BE an available option until you can "naturally" craft one in your settlement.)

There is a MINOR BUG present that I need to explain. When you spawn a Power Armor or Robot workstation, you MUST grab it and drop it in build mode BEFORE you use it or there is a very real risk of an endless wrenching animation playing that requires "CTRL-ALT-DELETE/Task Manager to end the game". (v2 update in a few days will workaround this issue, just thought of a semi-solution while typing.)

It is VERY descriptive in-game, so I don't think I need to say much more, but I WILL list it's "stats" for those interested:

It counts as one settlement bed.
It supplies one power (once activated)
It radiates power 2* the Range of a stock PowerConnectorWall. (once activated)
It has a wire snap point. (once activated)
There are : a Stove (always there), a Chembench, an Armor Bench, a Weapons bench, a Power Armor bench, and a Robot Workstation.