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Adds 49 Flags to the Sim Settlements Dynamic Flag System.

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Free States
United States Space Agency
Group 935
Vault 108
and a new version of the Atom Cats Flag

Adds 49 55 new (Mostly) lore friendly flags to the Sim Settlements dynamic flag system. Most of the flags are lore friendly or are close enough to not raise any eyebrows, However a few are from different franchises and as such are not lore friendly, just don't pick them. This project has actually been in the works for a long time now, but sadly life kept getting in the way, still, here we are.

There are 2 versions, an ESP and an ESL version. The ESL version should work fine but I have the ESP version if you need/Want that instead. The files are packed into BA2 files, they seem to be working but this is my first time working with archives so please let me know if you encounter any issues,

First-big credit and thanks to MurderMachineX, who kindly allowed me to use the textures from his Faction Fun Fact loading screens to make many of these flags. He Has a youtube channel that you should go check out, he makes good stuff.
ALSO: OKIIR, he made several of the flag textures used in the mod as well from his Flags of Fallout modders resource, He also made the Columbia Flag.
THIRD: the XCOM flag is the same from my standalone mod, you can find a link to the original author Here
Fourth: Several of these flags from other franchises I got from their respective Wiki Pages, please look in the credits section for links to these as they are too numerous to list here.
Fourth: Kinggath and the Sim Settlements team for bringing us one of the greatest mods for FO4 and Fallout in General.
FIFTH: I made the red cross and Blue Tape Militia Flags, feel free to use THOSE TWO ALONE in your own project, just give credit and drop me a link,
Fallout 76 wiki for the free states flag and image for the responders flag (I DID NOT RIP THEM FROM THE GAME)
Call of duty wiki for the Group 935 logo
And Zorkaz for the new Atom Cats flag and giving open permission to use it.

Im their may be others I am forgetting, If I am im sorry and please let me know so I can fix it.