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The Subway Safehouse is a large, subway station themed, old-school style player home located in Boston’s Theater District. The load door is in a formerly unmarked courtyard between D.B. Technical High School and Hester's Consumer Robotics. It is fully furnished and functional with many interactive scripted features and custom assets.

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The Subway Safehouse is a large, subway station themed old-school style player home located in Boston’s Theater District. The load door is in a formerly unmarked courtyard between D.B. Technical High School and Hester's Consumer Robotics.

Like all of my previous player homes, the Subway Safehouse is fully furnished and functional with many interactive scripted features in the tradition of player homes from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. 

The exterior courtyard is inhabited by Slim, a Ghoul chem vendor who seems to be an ally of the Railroad. This gave me the idea for the backstory of the Subway Safehouse. 

While the lore I created indicates the Safehouse was to be used by the Railroad to move escaped Synths out of Boston, the player home decor is faction-neutral with only a single Railsign to indicate its previous ownership.

So no matter what sort of character you play, there are no faction decorations to spoil your ‘murshun. 

The player home is fully navmeshed for companions with many idle and comment markers. The Safehouse interior cell and all containers in it will not reset so all storage is safe. All beds give the Well Rested and Lover’s Embrace perks, there is plenty of clean water for Survival mode, and all workbenches are linked to share resources.

All of the exterior cell workbenches have been linked to the Safehouse shared storage used by the interior cell workbenches. That means all of the interior and exterior workbenches will share items for crafting.

An inventory sorting container similar to the one inside the Safehouse has been added to the exterior garage next to the Power Armor station. It functions in the same manner as the interior sorting container.

Slim has been set to Essential so he can no longer be killed by enemy NPCs, and all the loot that was previously owned by him has been set to unowned so you can take it freely without him turning hostile.

- There is NO workshop!
- You can not assign settlers here!
- You can not dismiss companions here!*
- You can not create supply lines here!
- This mod was made for my own game the way I wanted it, and I will not be making changes or taking “requests.”

Most items are static, but there are a several lootable items and containers.

*The mod Amazing Follower Tweaks has a function that will let you define any location as a companions home. If you want to send companions here (or anywhere else) I suggest you take a look at that mod. 

This mod requires the following Fallout 4 DLC:
Automatron (DLCRobot)
Far Harbor (DLCCoast)
Nuka World (DLCNukaWorld)
Contraptions Workshop (DLCworkshop02)
Vault-Tec Workshop (DLCworkshop03)

There will not be a non-DLC version, so please don’t ask. 
This mod is PC only and WILL NOT be ported to consoles, so please don’t ask.

Getting Inside:
Gaining entry to the Safehouse requires you have the Subway Safehouse Key Card in you inventory. The key card will open two doors that grant you access to the lower levels. Once you enter the interior cell, read the “Note from Roadrunner” on the counter near the load door for information on where to go to get the key card. Watch the promo video (above the Requirements section) if you need a complete walkthough on where to find the key card. 

Once you have access to the lower levels, the main lights must be turned on by activating the Circuit Breaker near the Sorting Container (in the small hallway between stairwell from the Workbay and the main platform area). 

Mod Features:
- Discoverable map marker for the exterior courtyard (previously an unmarked location)

- All exterior workbenches have been linked to the interior shared workbench storage

- A Sorting Container has been added to the garage, next to the Power Armor station

- Slim has been set to Essential (if you don’t want this, simply use xEdit to remove his Actor record). He's a vanilla NPC and is not added by this mod, just in case you've never encountered him before.

- All lootable items previous owned by Slim have been set to unowned (they still respawn when the cell resets...I didn't change that)

- Two inventory sorting systems: One container based, one terminal based

- Two power armor stations

- Fast Travel to the Safehouse interior (after entering lower level the first time)

- You can fast travel from the interior cell

- Custom design workbenches

- All workbenches are linked to shared storage

- Lots of custom assets and textures

- Functioning light switches for room lights, makeshift lamps, desk lamps and workbench lamps. Light switches have custom meshes with glow maps making it easy to find them in the dark 

- Optional House Upgrades that can be activated from a Terminal with the required components: Magazine Racks (80 magazine capacity), Bobblehead Display Cabinet, Model Robot Display Shelf, Nuka Cola Display Shelf, Nuka World Recipe Book Display Cabinet

- Working Wonder Meat Maker: an import from the Capital Wasteland! Now you can enjoy Mole Rat Wonder Meat in Boston!

- Contraptions DLC Armor Displays: gender of mannequins can be changed via terminals to match your character gender

- Two functional beds for Dogmeat. Command him to use them and he’ll stay out of your way! Dog beds can be changed to couches via activator buttons

- My First Infirmary unit: restores health, removes Rads. MUST BE ASSEMBLED BEFORE IT CAN BE USED. See the NOTES ON INTERACTIVE FEATURES section of the Read Me for details

- My First Laboratory unit: restores health, removes Rads. MUST BE ASSEMBLED BEFORE IT CAN BE USED. See the NOTES ON INTERACTIVE FEATURES section of the Read Me for details

- Fusion Core Charger: recharges depleted Fusion Cores in 24 hours. MUST BE REPAIRED BEFORE IT CAN BE USED. See the NOTES ON INTERACTIVE FEATURES section of the Read Me for details

- Multiple radios (all play Diamond City Radio)

- Interactive storage units: Weapons storage, food shelf, chem storage, power armor parts, armor, mods, ammo and explosives storage will display shelf clutter when items of each category are added. Clutter will deactivate when container is emptied

- Fully navmeshed for companions with may idle and comment markers

- Personalized bed, steamer trunk and Terminal

- Beds give give the Well Rested/Lover’s Embrace bonuses and allow 8+ hours of sleep in Survival mode

- Trash compactor, reduces junk items down to their base components and deposits them into the shared workbench storage

- Working refrigerator with custom textures: Insert any Nuka Cola, Vim or Gwinnett beer variant and it will be come Ice Cold with the associated buff in six hours

- LOTS of storage! All containers (and the entire cell) are flagged to not respawn

- Makeshift water purifier: Changes all the Dirty Water in your inventory into Purified Water once in a 24-hour period

- Barber Chair and Surgery Chair

- Clean water from all sinks (and a working water cooler)

- Working shower gives +2 Charisma boost for eight hours

- Optional House Upgrades that can be activated via any Terminal if you have the required components in your inventory: Magazine Racks, Bobblehead Display Cabinet, Model Robot Display Shelf, Nuka-Cola Bottle Display Shelf, Nuka World Recipe Book Display

There is some very important information in the READ ME regarding the interactive features of the mod. I strongly suggest you read it THOROUGHLY before asking questions or reporting issues. Questions regarding items clearly spelled out the in the READ ME or mod description will likely not be responded to. 

OPTIONAL HOUSE UPGRADES – Activate from Terminal:
If you have the required components in your inventory, there are a number of Upgrade Items you can activate from any Terminal. These items are located under the House Upgrades Menu. 

Upon activating your upgrade, you will see a notification message telling you it has been activated. When activated, each upgrade will replace the default item that is active the first time you enter the cell.  

All upgrade add-ons are functional and custom designed.

IMPORTANT: Once you activate an upgrade, you CAN NOT deactivate it, so make sure you really want it!
- Bobblehead Display Case requires: 2-Adhesive; 1-Glass; 2-Plastic; 3-Steel
- Robot Model Kit Shelf requires: 2-Adhesive; 3-Screws; 2-Steel; 2-Plastic
- Magazine Racks (80 Magazine Capacity) requires: 2-Adhesive; 4-Aluminum; 3-Steel
- Nuka Cola Display Shelf requires: 2-Adhesive; 3-Screws; 3-Steel
- Nuka World Recipe Book Display requires: 2-Adhesive; 3-Steel; 2-Wood

The Wonder Meat Maker: An import from the Capital Wasteland...now in Boston!
With this nifty little device (and the proper ingredients) you will be able to make the Capital Wasteland delicacy known as: Mole Rat Wonder Meat!

The Wonder Meat Maker is located in the Kitchen Car, next to the Water Purifier.

Mole Rat Wonder Meat is a unique blend of Mole Rat Meat and adhesive. It gives 4x the HP regen of normal Mole Rat Meat with slightly less rads, similar to the Wonder Meat in Fallout 3.

Each piece of Mole Rat Wonder Meat made with the Wonder Meat Maker requires:
Mole Rat Meat – 1
Adhesive – 2

So when you need food, go for Wonder Meat; a meal that will really stick to your ribs...literally!

NOTE - If you are using my Listening Post Zulu mod: the Wonder Meat made with that mod will have a different FormID than the Wonder Meat from this mod, so there will be two Wonder Meat entries in your inventory if you make meat with both mods.

ALWAYS remove ALL items from the mannequin before changing the gender. If you do not, you will PERMANENTLY loose those items! This is a vanilla issue with the mannequins and is the same issue they exhibit when storing them to the workbench in workshop mode. You have been warned!

The Contraptions DLC Armor Displays have a reputation of randomly not spawning the first time a player enters the cell they are in. This is a vanilla issue potentially found in any mod that uses these items and is not exclusive to this one. I personally have never had this happen, but know of other mods and users that have experienced it. If you encounter this issue (in any mod, not just this one) save your game, quit to the desktop, relaunch the game and reload your save. That will fix it. Alternately, quit to the desktop, relaunch the game and reload a save prior to entering the cell and try again. 

Known/Potential issues:
A detailed explanation of known or potential issues with this mod is outlined in the Read Me. Please go through the Read Me thoroughly before commenting or reporting a "problem!"

Performance and Optimization:
This is a large, VRAM intensive player home mod. The interior cell has been optimized using precombined meshes and previs data generated in the Creation Kit. Draw calls have never exceeded 5500 in my testing. Regardless, users with lower spec systems are very likely to experience performance issues. 

The mod also uses multiple shadowed light sources. Be advised that some players WILL likely have FPS issues if your machine can’t handle numerous shadowed light sources.

I have done thorough testing using three machines with a variety of hardware configs. My “low end” machine is a 4700-series i7 with a 2GB GTX860M and 16GM RAM. I am able to maintain a solid 45-60 FPS in the entire home on medium and high graphics settings with no ENB. 

Comments complaining of FPS issues or asking for a “fix” WILL NOT be responded to, or may just get a copy/paste of this statement as a response! If your computer isn’t up to snuff to use this mod, sorry but that’s on you. 

If you do have FPS issues when entering the cell, save your game, quit to the desktop then reload your save. That is the only advice I can offer.

Exterior cell edits were kept to an absolute minimum. No precombined meshes were touched nor disabled. If you suffer performance issues in the area of Slim’s Courtyard, it is not the fault of this mod. 

1. Q. Any chance of adding a workshop? Can I send companions here? Can I set up supply lines here? 
A. No, No, and No. The mod Amazing Follower Tweaks has a function that will let you define any location as a companions home.If you want to send companions here (or anywhere else) I suggest you take a look at that mod.

2. Q. Is there a version that doesn’t need the DLC? 
A. No. Just buy the DLC or GOTY Edition. You’re missing out on some great gameplay. 

3. Q. HALP! It doesn’t work. Plz fix!
A. First off, you need to be more specific than “It doesn’t work.” Most “problems” are a result of a mod being improperly installed. Recent versions of Nexus Mod Manager have become highly unreliable and seem to have problems installing mods properly, especially ones with large archives such as this mod. Try reinstalling the mod and/or adjust your load order. Re-install manually if you are still having trouble after that.

4. Q. I get bad FPS! Is there a fix?
 A. You should re-read the Performance and Optimization portion of the description and Read Me. 

5. Q. I don’t like the location. Any chance of a version with the door moved elsewhere? 
A. Nope. If you want it moved elsewhere, I suggest you learn how to make teleport doors in the CK and move it where you want. It’s a simple thing to do even for a beginner and there a lots of tutorials available to get you started. 

6. Q. Why no ESL version?
A. You need to research the limitation of .esl files before asking mod authors to create them. This mod has too many FormIDs to allow conversion to the ESL file format. 

7. Q. Why no console version?
A. I don't use consoles. I don't own one. 

8. Q. Can I port your mod to console? 
A. No. I want nothing to do with Bethesda.net and don't want my work posted there. 

Use the mod manager of your choice,

Or to install manually:

Extract the archive. It contains three files:
RRTV_SubwaySafehouse – Main.BA2
RRTV_SubwaySafehouse – Textures.BA2

Place all three files into your Data folder. Manually activate the mod in your plugins.txt file. 

For xEdit aficionados
The mod has been cleaned and checked for errors in FO4Edit. If you still feel the need to do so, have at it, Hoss.

Credits and Special Thanks
bLaCkShAd0w for the footlocker texture modder’s resource used for the custom footlockers
Animated Normal Toilet Modders Resource by bruce142
The Plastic bin with Soap is by damanding from the Creative Clutter Modders resource
Cleaning Supply Wooden Crate is by dinozaurz from Creative Clutter Modders resource
Classic Fallout 3 Holotapes are by RyceKaeks
QueenLunara for the mini TV the modders resource, Queenie's Resources
The playing cards from Se7enraven's FO4 Modder's Resource
The scrapping script used by the Trash Compactor is based on code posted by isathar on the Bethesda CK forum
H&H Tools calendar artwork based on the 1953 Rigid Tool Calendar by George Petty
Darkfox127 and Seddon4494 for their amazing Creation Kit video tutorials which have been crucial to the success of every mod I’ve made. 
Fallout: New Vegas Lucky 38 image used in postcard: Jspoelstra from the Fallout Wiki Lucky 38 entry, used under the designated Creative Commons license. 

Other Notes:
1. This mod is PC only. There will not be a console version, so please do not ask.2. There is no settlement workshop and I will never add one so please don’t ask.

3. There will not be a non-DLC version, so you guessed it, please don’t ask.

4. Based on any texture replacements you have installed in your game, the appearance of items in the mod may vary from what is shown in the screenshots and promo video. I use many texture replacements in my game and videos, and none of them are included in this mod.

I use the Decent Plus ENB preset for my screenshots, videos and gameplay:

5. I make mods for myself first and foremost. They are created for my game with my gameplay style in mind, according to my tastes and standards. I do not take requests nor suggestions for changes. If one of my mods doesn’t run on your computer, or it doesn’t fit in with your personal preference, or it doesn’t have a feature that you would want, I would respectfully suggest (and encourage) that you learn to use the modding tools that are freely available to change the mod yourself to your liking.

You are welcome to use/showcase my mods in your reviews, mod showcases, and Let's Play videos.
But, you ARE NOT under any circumstances allowed to upload, share or otherwise distribute this mod or any of its files to any mod “sharing” service such as ModDrop.

Do not redistribute or alter this work or any of the files contained therein without explicit written consent from the original author (RedRocketTV). This applies to translations uploaded to websites other than nexusmods.com without the explicit written consent from the mod author (RedRocketTV).

This mod will not be uploaded to Bethesda.net or any other site. If you find it anywhere but on the Fallout 4 Nexus, it has been stolen. Please report it as such.

Commercial use strictly prohibited.

See the permissions tab for details.

I am open to having my mods translated to other languages provided you contact me and ASK PERMISSION FIRST! It’s a simple courtesy, and chances are I will be cool about it provided you agree to a few simple rules.