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God forgive me...

Now you can bring the judge, jury, and executioner with you through the Commonwealth. The Final Pam will travel with you.

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Final Pam is a character from the show Monster Factory, created by the McElroy brothers. I don't own the audio/Final Pam's likeness. 

Video by aldmerii, thanks!! 

My first mod, there will be bugs (besides roachie). And will still be updated as I have a few ideas for the mod I haven't quite worked out yet.

You can find Pam in her old home, in Sanctuary.

What Pam Does:

  • Convo to recruit
  • Will follow, trade, dismiss like a regular companion
  • Fight with you
  • Take a hammer and fix the baby
  • Combat dialogue (alert, hit, attack, ect)

What Pam should do:
(AKA things I have working correctly in my game but not carried over yet)

  • Trade comments¬†
  • Idle comments

Things I hope Pam allows:

  • Random NPC conversations
  • Port to PS4 & XBox
  • Conversations between Companions (during dismiss & switch)