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Power armor removes recoil and sway from guns, as well as providing other new benefits. Non-explosive heavy weapons are modified to be more powerful but difficult to use without power armor.

Permissions and credits
In some lore sources power armor is depicted as being used as a platform for carrying heavy weapons to great effect in battles.

However in-game power armor has no effect on gun handling and non-explosive heavy weapons are among the worst weapons in the game.

This mod aims to change that.

But don't take my word for it, watch the video demonstration below!

Three gunplay effects are demonstrated when in power armor:

- Recoil is removed from the minigun, screen still shakes and animation plays but aim is not redirected.

- The scope does not sway when aiming the hunting rifle, as if holding breath.

- The crosshair does not widen from firing the minigun and aim stays tight, but it does widen when moving. This effect is optional and only part of the 'overpowered' version of this mod.

There are two parts to this mod.

The first part is a gameplay mechanics overhaul when in power armor called Power Armored Gunplay. It comes in a REGULAR
version and a OVERPOWERED version.

The second part is an optional tweak of non-explosive heavy weapons called Heavy Heavy Weapons. It
comes in a FULL version and a NO ASSAULT RIFLE version.

Part 1 - Power Armored Gunplay

The 'REGULAR' version of this mod does the following when in power armor:

- Removes recoil from guns
- Removes sway when aiming through scopes
- Gives a carryweight bonus of 75lbs (doubles survival base carryweight)
- Reduces incoming stagger by 25%
- Increases outgoing stagger with unarmed and melee weapons by 25%
- Increases unarmed, melee weapon, and gun bashing damage dealt by 25%
- Increases unarmed, melee weapon, and gun bashing limb damage dealt by 50%

The 'OVERPOWERED' version of this mod does the following when in power armor:

- Removes recoil and scope sway from guns as above
- Removes accuracy decrease from sustained firing (crosshairs don't widen from firing but do widen when moving)
- Gives a carryweight bonus of 125lbs (makes survival base carryweight equal to normal difficutlty)
- Reduces incoming stagger by 50%
- Increases outgoing stagger with unarmed and melee weapons by 50%
- Increases unarmed, melee weapon, and gun bashing damage dealt by 50%
- Increases unarmed, melee weapon, and gun bashing limb damage dealt by 100%

The melee damage and stagger effects provide strong bonuses in melee combat.

Melee and ranged combat in power armor should feel very different. Power armor should be more useful to late-game players even those with 10+ strength and alternative legendary armor pieces.

I would like to stress that the OVERPOWERED version is the fun one that allows you to snipe on full-auto and punch limbs off but I didn't make it default as it will break game balance.

These effects are player only.

These effects are accomplished without modifying any vanilla entries and was meant to be highly compatible with other weapon and power armor mods.

Scripts are used. Script extender is not required!

The gun mechanics effects are accomplished by using scripts to attach and remove an undetectable objectmod to the equipped weapon. By leaving the attach point as a null value it actually universally attaches on any weapon.

It even works on weapons added by mods!

A script applies a new custom perk when in power armor without changing the vanilla power armor entries. It only references the power armor frame in a script but does not change anything about it.

Other power armor mods should be compatible!

Having said that, I would recommend you play with mods that make power armor rarer or more difficult to maintain.

Oh no, not scripts!

Using scripts to attach objectmods may sound risky but I stress tested this mod extensively and worked around many 'features' of the game and spent a lot of time getting rid of bugs and proofing the script against things that could go wrong.

The first time you enter or exit power armor with a gun, or the first time you equip a gun after since entering or exiting power armor, the script will attach or remove an undetectable mod to change how the gun plays. It will only run the script on the gun once after equipping it in or out of power armor.

I only modified aim model values of recoil and stability in the base version as I'm pretty sure NPCs don't use those values so it doesn't matter if you dropped or traded a modded weapon to an NPC, it won't affect them. It will run the script only when you equip a weapon to prevent you from getting recoil-free guns without power armor or vice versa.

If you are outside of the inventory screen you will notice a flicker and second equip sound, but it is rapid and only done once for that weapon, and should be completed before the weapon is drawn. If you equip a weapon from the inventory you won't notice anything if you have one weapon of that type as the script runs and finishes almost instantly, if you have more than one weapon of that type they will be rapidly removed and readded with the equipped gun modded.

I have stress-tested this mod and proofed it against spamming and I have had no problems with the current version when testing. You may have problems if you have unlocked your fps above 60 or have a lot of script-lag from scripts that don't clean up after themselves. If you sometimes experience a long wait-time for the player to draw a weapon after selecting it, this is often due to the game struggling to load graphical data for the weapon which can be slow in intensive gameplay, and shouldn't affect this mod's functionality.

Part 2 - Heavy Heavy weapons

Giving power armor a carry weight bonus and removing recoil gives me more creative options to make heavy weapons feel heavier.

In the vanilla game wielding a heavy weapon already reduces the players movement speed when drawn but this does not happen in power armor, which is a start.

Other popular first person shooters use heavy weapons as a kind of temporary and intense power-up rather than just another weapon: they're on a different level but you know it won't last or it's too impractical to keep. This mod aims to emulate that experience. You might pick one up on the fly and it'll be a lot of fun but you probably won't keep it, especially in survival mode.

Heavy weapons should be treated differently when encountered in game with this mod. If you see an enemy with a missile launcher you usually run for cover or target them first, but there is no such pant-soiling response inspired by a minigun or flamer in the base game. Now there should be.

Use the spin-up time of a minigun to get to cover. Dodge the now non-hitscan arcing flamer projectiles. Consider waiting for the long reload times if you can. Non-explosive heavy weapons could kill you as quickly as a missile launcher now.

This mod comes in two versions.

The FULL version changes the Minigun, Flamer, Gatling laser, and Assault rifle.

The NO ASSAULT RIFLE version does not change the Assault rifle but does change the Minigun, Flamer, and Gatling laser.


Given the exponential effect of damage resistance on damage dealt, the low base damage of the minigun made it obsolete by as early as level 15.

Higher leveled enemies have innate DR in addition to increased health, this meant that the minigun would deal only a fraction of the stated damage to practically every enemy that was not the lowest level variant. A DR armor value of just 8 would halve the minigun's damage.

A standard minigun would take 156 bullets to kill a level 26 infected bloodbug with 350 health and 40DR on normal difficutly, for example, as it would deal only 2.24 damage per shot. That's just one bug.

The minigun was not very powerful once past the early game stages and its impracticality did not justify its use. This mod changes it to feel much more powerful than regular guns even to the end of the game.

Tripled the damage from 8 to 24
- 24 damage is equivalent to a standard laser pistol. This is half-way between the standard 10mm pistol and standard assault rifle.

Increased the fire rate by 50%. Tri-barrel fires half as fast as base firerate
- About 41 bullets per second, up from around 27 in the base game. This is now in the lower end of the range of fire rates of infantry-cartridge miniguns in real-life. The tri-barrel is now primarily for ammo saving, its halved number of barrels translates to a halved fire rate.
- Note that fire rate is capped by fps. Consider reducing shadow distance and quality if you have problems maintaining 40fps in urban areas.

Improved accuracy but increased recoil
- All barrels had accuracy reworked.

Increased weight to 44lbs
- Well over half your base carry weight in survival. This is more like the weight of an infantry-cartridge real-life minigun, while a 5mm version would be smaller and lighter, that's before considering the integrated mechanised feed system, and it generally looks bulkier.

Reload speed decreased

The accelerated barrel is now the lightweight barrel

 - It's actually referred to as the short barrel in the game files anyway. It now has the same fire rate as the standard barrel but it makes it significantly lighter which makes it vital if you want to use the minigun without power armor.
- It now takes some aluminium to make and a bit less steel.
- The barrel has also been removed from the minigun's mod collection data which levelled lists call upon to decide what mods an enemy's gun will have (this is not the same as modifiying an NPC's levelled list so it shouldn't have major incompatibility issues). Enemies that will spawn with miniguns will spawn with standard barrels now so if you want the new lightweight barrel you'll have to make it yourself.
- Yes, I know putting aluminium in a gun barrel is a terrible idea for all sorts of reasons, there are a few other things just as ridiculous in the game, thanks.

Ammo weight increased

- The 5mm round is a rifle-profile bullet but in survival difficulty 5mm ammo only weighed 0.009 lbs, this is about half of what 5mm rounds weighed in Fallout New Vegas. A 5.56 round weighs 0.035 lbs in-game which is consistent with real 5.56 NATO ammunition. I roughly calculated how much a 5mm cartridge of similar proportions to a 5.56 round should weigh and set the 5mm ammo weight to be 0.020 lbs, two and a half times more than before. A full drum of 500 rounds should weigh 10lbs now.


The flamer is relatively weak. A 10mm pistol with just an automatic receiver did 17% more damage per shot at a 40% higher fire rate for about 64% higher dps before damage resistance. The standard submachine gun also had about 17% higher dps before damage resistance than the standard flamer.

The vanilla flamer doesn't have damage over time effects, it only applies a visual flame effect to an enemy. This mod gives it damage over time effects that stack, similar to the wounding legendary effect. If an actor is hit more, they take more damage over time.

The standard and compression nozzle now fire arcing projectiles rather than instantly hitting. You will want to dodge them.

Base damage has been increased to 32 (up from 12)

Standard tank deals 3 damage every second for 4 seconds (12 total). Napalm tank deals 3 damage every second for 5 seconds (15 total)
- This damage over time is not affected by damage-increasing modifications such as nozzle types.
- Unfortunately if the damage-over-time effect damage type is set to energy it considers energy resistance. Given damage resistance is exponentially effective and calculates according to each small per second damage tick rather than the total, I've set the damage type to damage health so it ignores damage resistance like the overpowered wounding legendary effect. It was useless otherwise.

Fire rate increased by 25%

Range has been multiplied by 2.5 for all nozzle types and now have a mid-range point at which they deal reduced damage, like other guns

Standard and compression nozzle projectiles now fly and arc. Vaporisation nozzle retains its hitscan flame type projectile data

Base weight is increased to 38lbs - but mods can make it a lot heavier
- For comparison, portable backpack flamethrower systems in WW2 were about 40lbs empty and 60lbs filled, the one in vanilla fallout 4 was very light. It doesn't have a backpack but it does have fuel tanks attached.

Reload speed slightly decreased

Gatling Laser

The gatling laser was good in the vanilla game but I didn't think it was good enough for a late-game and impractical heavy weapon that uses such expensive ammo. An upgraded gatling laser may be the best weapon in the game with this mod. The minigun fires faster but the gatling laser can be upgraded to have much higher base damage.

Damage increased to 26 per shot
- Equivalent to a laser gun with a long barrel, which the gatling laser barrel visually resembles.
- The fire rate is kept the same as vanilla for the standard barrels. The four-barrel standard barrel option has 4/6ths the fire rate of the new standard six barrel minigun.

The three-barrel charging barrel option has the same fire rate as the tri-barrel option for the minigun, half that of the six barrel minigun options
- The charging barrel has the same dps as the standard barrel but has advantages in ammo saving and damage against armored targets which absorb less damage from higher damage attacks. The charging barrel weight increase counters these benefits.

Base weight increased to 50lbs
- It looks massive, also because fusion cores are a very weight-efficient ammo type and this counters it.

Improved accuracy

Assault rifle - These changes are only included in the FULL version

It's not a heavy weapon, but one of it's original concepts was that it was designed to be a gun that would "look right in the power armor's oversized hands", and several of its unusual design features like the bulky build and cooled barrel make more sense in light of that.

Additionally there are a lot of great 5.56 assault rifle mods available which leaves the vanilla assault rifle obselete and oddly named, so this is also for people who have a lot of weapon mods and no use for the assault rifle.

This is meant to be a powerful but impractical weapon fit for power armored troops. There are many versatile, tactical, and extensible rifles available in popular mods, this isn't one of them.

Name changed to Machine Gun

Rechambered to .308
- Seemed appropriate. Also there are fewer semi/full auto .308 guns from popular mods so it fills this role better. It now uses the hunting rifle levelled list for NPC ammo lists so that .308 will appear on enemies properly.

Damage increased by about 15%
- This does not seem like much but any higher and it would compete with the bolt-action hunting rifle for damage.

Semi-auto receiver fire rate increased by 25%. Automatic receiver fire rate increased by 40%
- I was thinking more MG42 than M60.

Recoil values increased and recoil direction arc narrowed

Reload time increased by 25%

50% heavier
- Mostly because .308 machine guns are really heavy and this weapon actually seems underweight. Real life .308 machine guns are around twice as heavy as a standard assault rifle in-game and a few pounds heavier than a fully upgraded assault rifle in-game. But then this gun seemingly has a water-cooled barrel and a very bulky design which would make it much heavier.

Version summary

There are 6 different mods available for download on this mod page.

There is version 1 which contains ONLY the REGULAR version of Power Armored Gunplay.

There is version 2 which contains the REGULAR version of Power Armored Gunplay and the FULL version of Heavy Heavy Weapons.

There is version 3 which contains the REGULAR version of Power Armored Gunplay and the NO ASSAULT RIFLE version of Heavy Heavy Weapons.

There is version 4 which contains ONLY the OVERPOWERED version of Power Armored Gunplay.

There is version 5 which contains the OVERPOWERED version of Power Armored Gunplay and the FULL version of Heavy Heavy Weapons.

There is version 6 which contains the OVERPOWERED version of Power Armored Gunplay and the NO ASSAULT RIFLE version of Heavy Heavy Weapons.

It is under the 'Gameplay Effects and Changes' tab in NMM.


Modders resource

I've put an annotated version of the script used for power armor effects up for you to look at and play about with. It can be found in the downloads page.

This method has a lot of potential for changing gameplay. For example you could make weapon perks reduce recoil or change melee animations to be faster or increase semi-automatic fire rate cap with each agility point.


Part 1 - Power Armored Gunplay

As long as a mod does not remove the ispowerarmorframe and furnituretypepowerarmor keywords from the power armor frame object this mod should apply the perk effects correctly. It does not interact with individual power armor pieces that could be added or changed by mods.

As long as a mod does not remove the pistol, rifle, automatic, and heavy weapon keywords used by all vanilla guns this mod should be able to detect guns being equipped and attach or remove the invisible objectmod that changes gunplay in power armor. As long as a mod that adds a gun is keyworded consistently with the base game, this mod should work with it.

As long as a mod does not leave attach points of their objectmods as empty null values it will not interfere with the universally attachable objectmod that this mod uses to change gunplay in power armor. Any well implemented gun mod should have it's objectmods properly assigned an attach point to a gun.

As long as a mod does not use a script that listens for onequip or onsit to remove and re-add a weapon it will not conflict with the script this mod uses. Scripts that apply mods or unequip and re-equip a weapon when the player has already been holding it and has pressed a hotkey, such as mods that allow ammo type switching, should not conflict. Scripts that dynamically change reloads, such as shotguns or bolt-action rifles with varying reload animations and times, should not conflict.

This mod has no effect on NPCs, the script only listens for onequip and onsit events triggered by the player. The objectmod applied to the gun is weightless, valueless, and invisible. Enemies do not use recoil or sway in accuracy calculations so it does not affect them. It will run the script only when you equip a weapon and check if it has the mod or not according to whether you are in power armor to prevent you from getting recoil-free guns without power armor or vice versa.

Part 2 - Heavy Heavy Weapons

This part alters weapon entries of the minigun, flamer, gatling laser, and, optionally, the assault rifle. It will conflict with mods that alter these entries.

The favourites "feature"

As a weapon will need to be re-equipped and others of its type removed and readded for this mod's script to apply its effects, your favourite selection of a gun of that type of gun will be set to the gun you equipped. This is due to how favourites are preserved in the vanilla game when favourited items are removed and readded to a player's inventory.

Note that the demo video above shows hotkey switching between different favourited weapons without problems.

If you have three different 10mm pistols and but only one is favourited at a time then when you switch to the favourited weapon there is no problem, favourites are preserved. However if you switch to a non-favourited 10mm pistol it would become the new favourite 10mm pistol.

If you have three different 10mm pistols and all of them are favourited then if the script needs to run to apply its effects then the 10mm pistol you switched to becomes the only favourited 10mm pistol.

It's not as bad as it sounds. Favourites selection is preserved if you only have one weapon of each type favourited, I think most people would play like this anyway.

This effect is actually important because it means that an equipped weapon remains favourited in a bag with others of its baseobject even after having an invisible mod attached to it. It's not a bug: it's a feature!

If you play with multiple weapons of the same baseobject favourited then equip each weapon after entering or exiting power armour then favourite them again, as the script has already run once and will not need to run again and interfere with favourites again.