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Some prewar MANPADS survived the bombs. Find them and blow up your enemies...

Permissions and credits
This mods adds the Raytheon FIM-92 Stinger to the Commonwealth.

The FIM-92 uses fire-and-forget seeker missiles. It comes with a 2x Scope by default which can be modded to one of the following: 2x, 4x, 6x, 10x. While testing I found out, that a longer scope can somehow increase the lock-on range.
Its explosion force is a bit lower than the vanilla missiles with at a smaller radius. But a direct hit will one-shot vertibirds. So this is now a true MANPADS and an important weapon when fighting the BoS.

There is also a folded version to be worn on your back (can be crafted at the chemlab under 'Utilities'). Works best in combination with Visible Weapons.

Where to find
The weapon and its ammo can be found where you would expect it: Near military locations. I placed lots of them around the commonwealth. Go and find them ;)
It can also be bought at specialized weapons vendors like Arturo (will need a vendor reset to work).
Gunners may use this as an alternative to the vanilla missile launcher.

Missile can now be crafted at the chemlab (with high material/perk requirements)
Requrires Demolition Expert 2 and Science 3.

Materials needed for a single missile round:
  • 1x Crystal
  • 2x Adhesive
  • 1x Gold
  • 2x Silver
  • 4x Steel
  • 1x Standard Missile
  • 3x Circuitry

There are two variants available.
  • Factory New with shiny new missiles and clean launcher.
  • Worn out with dirty missiles and rusty/dirty launcher.
You can change the material at a workbench for both the weapon and the apparel.
There are two patchs available as for now. Install the main file first.
  • Better Locational Damage: Replaces the main esp. Use this to balance the Stinger when using Better Locational Damage.
  • Visual Reload: Adds a patch ESP. Requires Visual Reload to be installed. This will drop an empty launcher when reloading.

Known Issues
  • Because of the shape of the weapon, the sights may obstruct your view in first person

Q: Which slot does the apparel version uses?
A: Slot 58, as most weapons on back.

Q: Does it conflict with other mods?
A: Probably not. The placed weapons are just added to the cells. This doesn't interfere with pre-combined meshes or other cell edits. One-Hit-Kill against Vertibirds is done via script. This conflicts with any other mod that somehow edit the Vertibirds.

Q: What are these little things the launcher ejects when shooting?
A: These are the launch motors. They are launched seperately. In RL they would fly a lot farer than here but the game doesn't allow to eject shells with a higher force. Look at this.

Q: Why does the weapon looks so bad?
A: Well, I'm not a 3D modeler. If you don't like it, don't use it!