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A diverse set of preset characters that will be constantly updated with new characters, has a wide variety of character roles and ethnicities.
Characters can be ugly, beautiful, horrifying, and everything in between, all with distinguishable character. No cookie cutter model presets.
Includes the character preset I use in my Avatar.

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Yeah, I admit, this mod isn't super necessary, it's more of a personal thing, a kind of way for me to save characters that I play for future use. 

But I think there's still some value and originality in this preset pack for the rest of you as well.
The differentiating factor is the diversity of character types, as well as the wasteland aesthetic, Each preset is a character role/build I wanted to play, that has been fine-tuned throughout my playthroughs.       
The pack will contain a wide variety of characters archetypes, and the role I played them as in the description, but of course, feel free to use them for whatever purpose you see fit.
They are good to play as is or as a base archetype to edit from.(Want a raider? Start with hyde and add the warpaint and crazy hair you desire, lol.)
There is also a wider variety of character ethnic background, which Is something I've added to the nexus since FCO's "Extra Races" add-on.    
Asian , African , Native American , Pacific Islander , etc.etc. And done right.(They don't just look like white people with different skin-tones.)   

Mods used in the screens:
Less intense grime:   (Highly recommended)

The cast so far:(These will be updated as I play and create more characters.)

Hyde: A hideously irradiated cannibal wastelander/raider, used for my "Ghoulish" playthrough,  Also used for Children of Atom Faction questline in Far Harbor and Raider Disciple faction in Nuka World. (Fun Fact: This is the dude that I used in my profile picture.)

Toshiro: Wasteland Ronin, Japanese ethnicity, scarred and rough, I used this character as a brotherhood combat sniper, but he can work well with almost any weapon type.

Jett:  Greaser type character, uses pistols, switchblades, high charisma, used atom cats power armor, idiot savant mechanic

 Sato: Big Hawaiian/Japanese Power Armor tank(Yokozuna!), max weight and chiseled jawline, I played this character with max Int, Str and end to maximize my power armor. First BoS character I made, heavy weapons(Gatling laser) and Power Armor.

Argus: Giant hulking brute, perfect for max strength, max endurance playthrough, aesthetically he'd fit in well as a raider or cannibal. Whether a result of radiation or some form of experimental FEV, Argus is basically a Supermutant in human form. I play him with max big leagues, cannibalism, toughness, lifegiver, rad resistant, and adamantium skeleton.
Recommend a super sledge build for him, Atom's Judgement from Far Harbor is especially fitting.
(Probably the only character archetype that can get Strong's approval, lol.)

Trey: Wastelander, scavenger, maybe even a junkie. I used this character for a thief/scrapper/scavver type playthrough, lockpicking, pickpocketing, maybe a chem perk or two, sneak, scrapper, scrounger, etc.       
Weathered but young in appearance, the picturesque wastelander.

More to come.