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Overhaul - quest safe, build ready, performance optimized. cleaned, restored and expanded areas, emitted light, rad spots finally gone, Build on entrance and subway floors, Expanded build areas and budget, wireless powered and more!

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Don't forget to equip your mining helmets and use flashlights when exploring the caves! Available for xbox one.
Cleaned, restored, expanded and added building help. Expanded workshop build areas past vault door, patched small gaps between workshops and moved green markers. Wireless powered and increased reactor power to support lights and wireless objects, Repaired and nav meshed train tunnel to water pump, Realigned rail tunnels and wall to snap with main room grid, Added water pump hook up, Unlimited build budget, Rebuilt 2nd floor of pharmacy, Restored parts of entrance and subway, opened up tunnels and more, Added new enclosed build area with snap left stairs of subway and turned uranium mine into large build area.  Removed: almost all lighting except a few in the main vault door entrance, cage lights, ballasts, beams, boxes, emitted light, glowing light (place all your own and no more odd light spots) rad damage spots, debris and dirt piles, most small and medium rocks and left uranium that was quest tagged in tunnels on if needed, and some other misc except anything normally scrapable.
Recommended mods: Settlement Objects Expansion (use hall ramps to connect tunnels), Max Population 50.
Set to bottom of load order if you have conflicts.

~incompatible with scrap everything - ultimate" due to it rendering a cloned cell. if you uninstall that mod try the SOE vanilla menu fixer
[ ] for missing cell.

 I will try to work out anyfound bugs please report, and known and less obvious conflicts are so far:
FogOut - Interiors, Cause: bringing back lights, Just disable mod in Vault and then re-enable when needed in another cell.