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An expansion of T41NT3D's FO3 R91 Assault Rifle with much more customization options.

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Wow, my first public mod made it to the hot files. Thanks everyone!

This mod adds in many more attachments and various enhancements for the FO3 R91 Assault Rifle. New attachments include 5 new barrels, 6 new stocks, 1 new optic (with many new variations of the originals), a material/skin slot with a few options, and 2 new unique variants. Iron sights were fixed to be a bit more usable. A new half lore/half real naming system has been added.

Two options are now available: Combat Rifle replacer and Non-Replacer. In the combat rifle version, it will directly replace the combat rifle and show up in all the same places/at the same levels. It uses the vanilla CR and Hunting Rifle firing sounds, so you can use whatever sound replacer you prefer. Due to the scripted LL injection in the original mod, if installing this version over an existing save you'll find the replaced CR version (full featured) and the old version (not updated). It works just fine on new games, in this regard and with the uniques as well. If someone knows how to reset the LL's, let me know in the comments and I'll try and implement it if it's done on my end.
The non-replacer works just fine on any game state, existing or new (99% sure, didn't do any extensive tests). Acts as just an expansion of the original mod.

Uniques - I have set up the uniques to use legendary mods with unique visuals, like the sacrificial blade for the machete or the Unique Uniques mod (highly recommended). They have been placed in locations and given effects that fit the theme of the weapon.

Perforator - (From FO3) After collecting this weapon from the Pitt, the Lone Wanderer decided to give it to a small community of children living in a cave. Being the kind and thoughtful person they were, they thought its compact and quiet nature would be useful to the kids there. The community's mayor made his way to Boston after being exiled, and rumor has it is staying in The Third Rail.
Wanda - (From FO3) An armorer at the National Guard Training Yard had a particular fondness for modifying his weapon, but unfortunately never got to use it due to the whole nuclear war thing. (This was cut content in FO3, but the name always made me think of how soldiers would name their weapons/vehicles. See the technical section for details and customization of its unique effect.)

Replacer Version
Overseer's Guardian - Normal location. However,  Alexis Combes no longer sells it, as according to her "Only security carries guns." (hint hint)
December's Child - Normal location.

Resources used in this mod came from other sources, listed in the credits, since I suck at making stuff from scratch. I did modify everything I used to fit the mod however. I waited a few months for permissions, but some of them never responded. If the original authors would like me to take this down I have no problem with doing it. 


Replacer - Requires the original R91 mod, Nuka World, and Far Harbor. NW is already required for the base mod; for those without Far Harbor, there is a method (detailed below in the technical section) to remove this dependency (it is only for replacing December's Child, and you can still get this unique without FH using the console).

Non-replacer - Requires original R91 mod and Nuka World. Same requirements as the original.


Install the original mod, then this mod, overwriting the original's files. Use this esp instead of the original; you can delete the old one if you'd like. Choose only one of the versions.


The replacer will conflict with any mod that alters the Combat Rifle weapon record. Other than that, there should be minimal conflicts with anything else. I made small edits to leveled lists used for spawning named weapons, but very few other mods touch those so it should be OK. FO4Edit really is an amazing tool for solving conflicts if you have any.

Recommended Mods

Realistic Weapon Sounds - I use a custom combination of this, Commonwealth Warfare, and Towbie's Realistic Weapon Sounds. The majority of the sounds (including the CR and HR used in this) come from RWS.

Future Plans

I don't have enough time to maintain a bunch of alternate versions and compatibility patches, but if you would like to make one go right ahead.
Also, I'm pretty bad at texturing, so if anyone would like to make some higher quality/matching retextures for the new attachments (specifically the MP5 and PSG1 based mods) I'd be happy to feature them here.


Removing Far Harbor Dependency - Open the esp in FO4edit, and expand it with the plus button. Under Leveled Item, delete DLC03_LL_M4_Weapon. Under Quest, delete R91UniqueDecChild. Right click on the esp, and select Clean Masters. Close FO4Edit and save the esp. To get the unique mod for this variant, type help "institute polymer parts" 4 misc into the console, and then player.additem xxxxxxxx 1 (xxxxxxxx being the formID displayed by the console of the misc mod). You can then apply it to any normal version of the rifle.

Customizing Wanda Legendary Effect - This effect is based on if you are wearing military fatigues. Because many people will have different preferences and different armor mods, I have based it on a Formlist containing all the clothes that fit the condition. If you want to add a particular armor to this list, it is fairly easy.
Open this esp and the mod containing the armor you'd like to add in FO4Edit (if it's from the base game, just this esp is needed.)
Under FormID List, select R91_Wanda_Clothes. In the righthand panel, right-click on the blank box to the right of the FormIDs section and above the existing entries. Select Add. Right click the new Null Reference, and select Edit. Find the armor you'd like to add in the armor section of the other esp, and note down the FormID, EditorID, and Name (the three columns in the lefthand panel). In the edit box of the Null Reference, put these three things into the box in this format:

EditorID "Name" [ARMO:FormID]

The first two numbers of the FormID will vary based on where the other esp is in your load order; I think you'll have to change them if your load order changes (don't quote me on that though).

If you're adding armors from the base game, you can do it much easier using the Creation Kit by dragging the desired armor into the formlist. If adding armor from other mods, you still have to use FO4edit since the CK doesn't like having esps having other esps as masters.

Reverting Sound Changes in Replacer Version - Open the esp in FO4Edit. Open the Keyword and Weapon sections. In the Combat Rifle weapon record, about halfway down, edit the keyword s_40_RifleCombat. Replace it with s_40_R91, the formID for which can be found in the Keyword section of the esp.


C1ph3rr - Original Mod

metallicalec - Original PSG1 models/textures

Idlesheep - Original MP5SD models/textures

Millenia & Pac - Original bipod & cheekrest models/textures