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This mod allows you to collect more fruits and vegetables from your plants when you harvest them, to be more realistic to what you see on the plant.

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Way back in the day (2016), there was a mod with this name that did something similar to this.  I've found that it's not up anymore, so I recreated it and made it better.

What this mod does:
1.  All the plants that you plant in your settlements will produce 2-3 fruits or vegetables every time you collect them.  For example, a corn stalk will have 3 corn on it when you harvest it or a melon vine will have 2 melons on in when you harvest it.

2.  Wild plants that you run across also have had their output similarly increased but, however, instead of receiving wild fruits and vegetables, you will receive the non-wild versions.  For example, a wild tato plant will give you 3 normal tatos.  

3.  The Graygarden planters will also give higher harvests.

Note:  There is no written on-screen notification when you harvest a plant.  You do still hear the "picking" sound.  This is not a bug with the mod, but a bug within the game engine when collecting multiple identical objects.


Just the base game.  No DLC records were touched.

This mod, while simple, will conflict with any mod that alters the flora records.
This mod contains no scripts and doesn't alter any vanilla scripts in any way.  You can add or remove it any time and it won't break your save game.
If, by chance, you happen to be still using the original mod with this name, just delete that esp and replace it with this one.  Don't use them both at the same time.


Either uninstall with NMM or just delete the esp file.  This mod only has one file.