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  • Exporting Layers via Transfer Settlements

    This article is going to be short and sweet. 

    If you would like to export individual layers using Transfer Settlements, simply hide all of the layers you don't want exported!

    Transfer Settlements relies on items being linked to the workshop in order to find them for export, since hiding a layer in Workshop Plus unlinks all of the hidden items, they naturally won't be scanned by TS. 

    You can then re-import that blueprint to another save, and only the unhidden items will be there!

    Note that the layer information is not kept on export/import (yet!).

    Future features that I'm in talks with cdante to implement support for:

    - Layer Numbers stored in blueprints so you can re-import directly to the same laye...

  • Hotkey Console Commands

    For those of you using FO4 Hotkeys, or other methods to trigger things, here are a list of the console command that will make WSPlus do stuff:

    cqf wsplus_mainquest Hotkey_ToggleFlight
    cqf wsplus_mainquest Hotkey_ToggleSpeed
    cqf wsplus_mainquest Hotkey_ToggleFreezeTime
    cqf wsplus_mainquest Hotkey_ExitWorkshopModeAndSave

    cqf wsplus_actionmanager Hotkey_Undo
    cqf wsplus_actionmanager Hotkey_Redo
    cqf wsplus_actionmanager Clone_Grabbed

    cqf wsplus_layermanager Hotkey_CreateNewLayer
    cqf wsplus_layermanager Hotkey_SwitchToNextLayer
    cqf wsplus_layermanager Hotkey_ToggleActiveLayer
    cqf wsplus_layermanager Hotkey_ToggleLayerLink
    cqf wsplus_layermanager Hotkey_ClearActiveLayer
    cqf wsplus_layerman...