Fallout 4
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About this mod

A LooksMenu preset for the one and only goddess of death.

Permissions and credits

Lady Death is a character created for Chaos! Comics by Brian Pulido.

She might not seem terribly lore-friendly, but hey, the Commonwealth has plenty of death, right?
Someone has to oversee all that mess!


Please note that this mod will not work right unless you download and install all of the required mods
in the drop-down. If you want your character to look as close to mine as possible, you will also need
to download and install all the recommended mods below.


That Gym Booty Bodyslide Preset by lostkoncepts
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer by Caliente and Ousnius
8K Realistic Skin Textures by TyperTM
deLuxe Makeup by Cilbas
Cathymeow's Fun Eyes
Female Neck Tweaks by TheMalevolentTrout
LooksMenu Body Tattoos by krisser143

***Important note***

Much of the paleness to the skin tone in my screenshots is due to ENB tweaking.
In those images, I'm using the Pilgrim ENB which is no longer supported on the Nexus.
You can try to find it elsewhere online or explore some of the other ENBs here that
have similar visuals. I have not tested any others with this preset, but Empyreal and
Bitter Cold Commonwealth look like good places to start if you're after a substitute.

Other Mods in Screenshots:

HN66's EasyGirl Outfits
Lacy Underwear by ousnius
DA Harness 01 by Dannyalkema
HellSword by XvomTheMad
Skyrim Conversions 2.0 - several of the outfits come from this mod, which isn't on the Nexus.
Google is your friend (hint: it's on that other FO4 mod site that shall not be named).

Hangman's Flat by Elianora
Commonwealth Conifers Redux by tookiejones
True Grass by l00ping
The Pumpkin Pack by EdibleGrenade12
TorchAndLantern by m150


If things don't quite look right for you, I can only suggest going over the required and recommended mods
(and everything they each require) again to see if anything was missed. If that doesn't help, looking for
possibly conflicting texture or preset mods is always a good next step.

Can't promise I'll be that responsive to messages or questions, but if I've left anything out, feel free to let me know.