Fallout 4
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A chest that spawns 20 of every crafting item, 20 Stealthboys, 20 Military-Grade Circuit boards and 1K caps on demand.

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So what's the backstory?

Part of Fallout lore that is little known to anyone apart from select employees of Bethesda is the invisible collector gnomes.  Although the invisible collector gnomes tend to stay invisible, sometimes, if you've taken a copious amount of acid and smoked too much you're really lucky, they'll drop their invisibility and you'll see them.

The story so far...  The original invisible collector gnomes have been sacked by the evil corporation Invisible Distribution Incorporated after a protest at their working conditions (they were part of the gig economy).  They've been replaced by immigrant invisible collector gnomes who do the job for a fraction of a price.  Is all lost for the original invisible collector gnomes?

Well, no, obviously not, or I wouldn't be asking would I?  Following their sacking the original invisible collector gnomes dispersed and went their different ways, and the future looked bleak until one of them stumbled upon the plans for some sort of teleportation device created by some bloke called Virgil.  By sheer chance, this specific invisible collector gnomes was into molecular physics as a hobby and realised what he had.  He then got in touch with the rest of the original invisible collector gnomes using invisible social media, and they came up with a plan.

They approached IDI and said that they could streamline operations and in return for them being rehired on their original salary, but with benefits and free access to stimpaks, rad-away and contraception they'd be willing to offer an on demand service.  Rather than wait ages for a magic chest to be travelled out to and refilled, they could put a button next to them which could be used by the Visibles to let them know the box was empty.  As soon as they were alerted they would be teleported in, instantly refill and rewind the box, and use the same rewinding of time in the box to make it appear almost instantaneous, before teleporting back out again.  The teleportation did have the side effect of reducing the TARDIS type effect of the box and reducing the overall space available, so they had to reduce the amount of items from 500 to 20 and 1000 caps.  As it could be refilled on demand and it appearing instantaneous, this wasn't a bad thing, and also allowed IDI to claim they were environmentally conscious by reducing waste.

IDI agreed.

All the invisible immigrant collector gnomes were fired (easy come, easy go), ended working for a drugs cartel importing drugs into the Commonwealth, and the original invisible collector gnomes went back to work, and lived happily ever after.


Yes, really.

Well no.

I just did it out of boredom, and I couldn't be bothered collecting stuff so duplicated the scrap chest in qa_smoke, added a load of caps and some Stealthboys to it.  And then made it respawn in case I ran out.  And then made it respawn on demand.

So how do I get this magic box and how do I refill it?

It's the Magic Chest o' Plenty - would you like me to call you magic box instead of your real name? Unless you're called magic box obviously.  Anyway, just download the installer as it contains both versions and choose your loot.  It's that simple (unless you've chosen the ESL version and then you need to make sure it's activated).  Then fire up the game and have a look under Sanctuary bridge on the Sanctuary side.  It's half buried in the mud.  Once you've taken what you want out of it, just hit the button to the right of it and all the stuff you've taken out will be replaced as it by magic.

The button does actually work now.  The .pex that triggers when the button was pressed was missing.  Sorry for anyone who downloaded it, previously.

Are there any conflicts?

Anything that modifies Sanctuary and/or the bridge may cause issues (if the chest gets hidden by a support or something), and anything that alters the invisible collector gnomes.  A Loot will usually fix this though.

Is that it?

Yes, I think so.  Go on, shoo, there's nothing to see.