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Replaces the generic Fallout 4 weapons with better New Vegas Weapons.

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This Weapon Replacer Pack will replace the generic Fallout 4 weaponry with the Fallout New Vegas classic arsenal. This pack will attempt to complement the vanilla weapons that also appeared in Fallout New Vegas while wiping out a lot of the strange new weapons (re)introduced to the series in Fallout 4. 

  • Detailed install instructions can be found on the linked mod pages
  • Special install notes pertaining to this pack can be found right next to the linked mod pages.
  • All standalone weapons have had their LL Injection and World Space injections taken out (No duplicate guns!) 
  • Due to the way replacers work, it is best to use replacers on a new game. You can still install midgame but your current weapons will break.

Weapons Replaced


1. Install all of the required standalone weapon mods.
2. Install this mod 
3. overwrite all files if/when asked

More Weapon Replacers

I couldn't have done it without these amazing people (literally). Please give them an endorse and consider donating to your favorite(s).

Wasteland Melody & Fallout Cascadia - For the Service Rifle
asXas - For the Varmint Rifle
DeadPool2099 & The Shiny Haxorus - For the Caravan Shotgun
DeadPool2099 Ha_ru and hitman47101 - For the .45 Auto Pistol
DeadPool2099 & Hitman47101 - For the Bullpup Bozar
DOOM - For the M2019 PKD Detective Special (That Gun)
Hitman47101 and DeadPool2099 - For the Hunting Shotgun
Hitman47101 and DeadPool2099 - For the Grease Gun
DeadPool2099 - Ha_Ru and friends - For the Wattz