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All of my weapon replacer files in one nice neat install. Handpicked for my personal favorite set up, this pack will stay as lore-friendly to Fallout as possible, while also overhauling the game into a WW2 style shooter.

Permissions and credits
My personal favorite set up using my standalone replacer files, now packaged all together in a single zip folder. Original mods are still required, but this will save you the time and headache of installing 15+ different weapons with 2 or 3 different versions for each one. This will become the most supported and updated version of my replacers because I will be using it in my next playthrough. Any new weapons added to the pack will be added to the Mega Pack and uploaded as a standalone replacer later, so you can still pick and choose the different versions/weapons you want.

  • Detailed install instructions for each mod can be found on the linked Mod Pages below as well as my standalone replacer pages.
  • Special Installation notes pertaining to this pack can be found to the right of the linked mod pages.
  • All standalone weapons have had their LL Injection and World Space injections taken out (No duplicate guns!) 
  • Due to the way replacers work, it is best to use replacers on a new game. You can still install midgame but your current weapons will break.

Lore-friendly Edition
This Mega Pack is committed to keeping the variety of vanilla firearms while also staying as true to WW2 weapons as possible. Certain weapons have been rechambered or buffed compared to their vanilla counterparts. Factions that use replaced weapons will use weapons that I believe they would have in place of their vanilla counterpart.

Weapons Replaced

To do
  • Gauss Rifle
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Laser Rifle
  • Institute Rifle
  • .44 Magnum

*Please give suggestions on replacers for the To do list. Linking your desired mod would be helpful.*


  • Fixed crit and bullet effects for Lee Enfield and M1Garand
  • Increased ammo capacity for Lee Enfield

  • Added VIS tags to all weapons
  • Reworked MP40 Receivers and changed to an automatic only weapon
  • Reworked Lee-Enfield Receivers
  • Various other changes and Improvements to weapon names/stats
  • Added Prototype Gauss Rifle replacer for the Gauss Rifle
  • PTRS-41 Gauss replacer not possible due to currently unfixable recoil issue
  • Replaced Hunting Rifle with Mosin Nagant
  • M1 Garand Swapped to Plasma Rifle instead of Hunting Rifle
  • Defense Gun Removed due to an unfixable bug
  • Wattz Laser Gun now replaces Lasers (Worked as intended without a cell reset for me)
  • Lee-Enfield Damage increased
  • Added Defense Gun replacer for the Laser Gun (Sten MK.II): Laser adapted version of the popular WWII SMG. The Brotherhood has adopted the gun for its easily made/replaced parts. It is rumored that they have developed the means to mass produce these weapons well after the Great War.
  • Added Wattz Laser Gun replacer for the Institute Rifle: The institute is the most scientifically advanced faction in the wasteland, and they are one of the few groups still able to produce and utilize pure energy weapon technology before the Great War.
  • Added Schofield No. 2 replacer for the .44 magnum
  • reduced damage on most early game weapons closer to their vanilla damage.

  • Small fix for the Lee-Enfield.


1. Download and install each of the original mods (more detailed instructions can be found on the individual replacer/original mod pages)
2. Install optional textures/animations/sound replacers
3. Install this Mega Pack
4. Overwrite all of the files if/when prompted

Standalone WW2 Weapon Replacers

I couldn't have done it without these amazing people (literally). Please give them an endorse and consider donating to your favorite(s).

GrinnginUrchen - For the Mauser machine pistol of my dreams
WarDaddy - For the amazing new Mauser pistol animations
asXas - For the Must-have M1 Garand
asXas and Ha_ru - For the fantastic SVT-40 mod
Crimsomrider - For the perfect Radium Rifle remodel
Wardaddy - For his amazing Winchester shotgun mod
TrophiHunter Chad509 - For the great MP40 mod
leo2link - For the classic M1911
asXas - For the amazing and high-quality Lee-Enfield mod
Hitman47101 and DeadPool2099 - For the awesome Grease Gun mod
covadoonga - For the classic M1918 BAR
Sam Fisher - For my personal favorite, the StG 44
covadonga - For the fantastic M24 Grenade models
DeadPool2099 - Ha_Ru and friends - For the Wattz Laser Gun
Crumble - For the Schofield No. 2
YonaTaku - For the Defense Gun