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As requested, Vanilla SMG rebalanced to be a true Thompson, Realistic Double Barrel Shotgun Spread & Damage, and Hunting Rifle buff.

Permissions and credits
Submachine Gun
Base Damage increase to 33
Receivers now give the correct amount of damage reduction based on CR 
(-x% * 33 + 33 = Auto CR Dmg)
 Renamed to Thompson

Highly Recommended Mods for Thompson
The Top-Notch TommyGun
Stick Mag for Submachine gun

Double Barrel Shotgun
Damage increased by 5.
Long Barrel Spread has been reduced and range has been increased. 
Sawed-Off Barrel now provides a 10% bonus Damage but lose some Crit Damage. 
Sawed-off Barrel and Short Barrels have had their range increased slightly

Highly Recommended mods for Double Barrel
ScratchMade - New Double Barrel Shotgun textures
Realistic Double Barrel Shotgun Sounds

Hunting Rifle  
Damage Increased by 5

Install the mod with any Mod Manager.
Load this esp before my other WW2 Weapon Replacers.

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