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Some "fixes" for Agony

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I love Agony !!! It's one of my absolute favorite mods for Fallout 4 and should get much more appreciation (and much less stupid comments!!) for what it achieves. That said, there are some tiny flaws I try to address with some little fixes and adaptions.

I tried doing these fixes with a minimum impact on the Agony mod itself. Most changes and additions are done with scripts. The only object touched in the original mod with my ESP version is the pain-killer (added animation effect)

  • Weapons get unequipped when consuming agony's ingestibles (before, the equipped weapon models got scrambled while playing any animation)
  • Now the 'pill animation' plays for the painkillers to (wasn't the case before)
  • Empty blood pack can be crafted at the Chem station under the healing section (requires Medic lvl1 perk)
  • You have a 15% chance to get an empty blood pack back on consumption of a (save) blood pack

  • ESP Version - after Agony
  • ESL Version - irrelevant, but sacrifices pain-killer animation

After installing Agony Fix and starting the game, all changes will be applied immediately.

  • Add no healing on sleep (already working on my test version)
  • Add some wild flowers to the doctors leveled list used for crafting healing items
  • If possible without touch vanilla HC_ManagerScript... Remove all sicknesses at doctors
  • Maybe, but rather not... Add new bleeding mechanic

meysamkhr for Agony... I'm really hoping you come back to the modding-scene. If you ever read this and want to restart work on Agony, please contact me. I'd love to help out or give you my changes.

JohnnyTest91 for testing