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A universal patch installer for mods throughout the Nexus. This aims to implement patches for a lot of popular mods including new and recent ones.

Permissions and credits

Universal Patch Installer, or UPI for short, is a patch database that provides a wide selection of compatibility patches for two or more mods of your liking. If you have a mod that either needs simple object placement fixing or a mod that has damage modifiers but doesn't carry over to another, this is the place to get it fixed. 


Most, if not all new updates and added patches from v0.9.18 will now be listed as .esl files, meaning you can have a list of over 500 .esp files that are light plugins.

Please note that any requests from off-site websites such as LoversLab or Gumroad will be completely ignored as we are only focusing on mods from the Nexus Mods website. This is only because of safety issues and easily accessible files from Nexus. If a mod, such as Nieros CROSS_Strigidae requires textures from Gumroad, or some other off-site website the patch should/still work fine. Please do not complain of requests for mods off-site.


Recently, I came to mind of thinking about Skyrim SE and decided to reintroduce myself to it. After a good hour or so of watching GamerPoet's 5 Mods Series, I noticed that we could also expand our mod into Skyrim SE as well, but we need more on the team to do so. So, I've decided to ask for those who would be willing to aid us in help of making patches or to officially join the team and create patches for us. We do have opportunity for those who would like to make patches for a specific mod, or for many mods. If you'd like to join, visit the Forums tab and go to the Team Application thread provided, reading all of the given information.

Official Discord

Here is a list of current features within the mod for you. Please keep in mind though, that this is not the full list of features, only a summed up version and some features have not been added into the list yet.

  • Completely modular installer
  • Over 100 patches to select from
  • (Soon) Merged patches in a pack
  • (Soon) ESP replacers

Below is a list of supported/patched mods that are included in the latest version of UPI. More will be added later and the list will grow in size.


Want to contribute to the mod and become part of the team? Contact me on my Discord and just say so or post a comment on this mod page and I'll check it out.

I am currently looking for people who can help me in developing more patches to speed up the time on producing them. If your interested in helping, join my Community Discord and @Rage me to get my attention or just message me over Nexus's messaging.

What I need for helpers is a coder who is familiar and experienced with Papyrus to do some naming conventions and make a script for name editing in run-time. If you are willing to help, join my Community Discord (Linked All Over The Mod Page) and message me.

  • Rage_YouTube      |   Lead Manager
  • Infamous               |   Developer
  • Hyenaplaygame    |   Tester

Here is a list of those who have been an honorable person to me that either helped inspire me or supporting me.

  • Ben Ephla, for being an amazing friend and giving support

Now for those who have in someway helped with the development of the mod.

  • Infamous, for helping the development of UPI
  • Hyenaplaygames, for helping the development of UPI
  • Nexus Mod Community, for all the wonderful and amazing mods