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A modular patch installer that patches mods throughout the Nexus, and easily providing them to the community.

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Universal Patch Installer, or UPI for short, is a patch database that provides a wide selection of compatibility patches for two or more mods of your liking. If you have a mod that either needs simple object placement fixing or a mod that has damage modifiers but doesn't carry over to another, this is the place to get it fixed. 

I HIGHLY recommend checking out Poet's Optimization Patches Collection for any fixes on popular mods, like Tales from the Commonwealth, as these are great tools to use for making a better modding experience.

For discussion and support, join the Collective Modding Discord and visit my personal Mod Author Hub channel in the FO4 Category.

A comprehensive list of features that you can expect to find in Universal Patch Installer.

Current Features
  • Over 14 patches currently available to choose from.
  • Fully modular and optional selection of patches.
  • Community contributions from other Members of Nexus.
  • Automatic patch selection, so no need to go through and click each one you have.

Below is a list of supported/patched mods that are included in the latest version of UPI. More will be added later and the list will grow in size.

Please note that no patch requires another patch, and all these are individual from each other. Each category contains a mod group that has patches built for that mod group, so a patch such as We are the Minutemen for Armor and Clothing Overhaul ONLY edits that, and does not require anything else.

Armor Mods

Character Mods

Gameplay Mods

Interface Mods

Location Mods

Weapon Mods

Contributions and edits from other users of the Nexus that have been included in this mod.

  • Lunar AIO Overhaul patches for Settlers and Companions Dialogue Overhaul, and Tales from the Commonwealth

Want to contribute to the mod and become part of the team? Contact me on my Discord and just say that you'd like to contribute to UPI.

You will also be noticed as a Mod Author and added as part of the Mod Author role within the Discord.