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Handy laser pistols rename whatever they hit. Names are chosen randomly from a pool of stored names with tens of thousands of potential names from which to draw. Craft the renamer pistols at a chem station. Requires Rename Anything.

Permissions and credits
Take the power of Rename Anything anywhere in the palm of your hand with Random Name Generating laser pistols.  Instantly apply a randomly generated name to the target of your choice with the ability to re-assign or undo your changes at any time.

Choose from 22 categories with hundreds of names and titles to instantly and randomly assign a new name to any target.  There are 50,000 unique first and last name combinations as well as thousands of additional titled names.  Play a hundred games and potentially never run into the same person twice.


Administrator w/ Last Name
Underworld Alias
Brotherhood Title
Brotherhood Title w/ Last Name
Child of Atom
Child of Atom w/ Last Name
Doctor w/ Last Name
Generic First Name Only
Generic First Name Only Female*
Generic First and Last Name
Generic First and Last Name Female*
Gunner w/ Last Name
Heroic First Name Only
Military Title w/ Last Name
Raider w/ Last Name
Railroad Callsign
Royal Title w/ Last Name
Sheriff w/ Last Name
Synth Designation
Triggerman w/ Last Name
Pejorative (for the Marcy Longs of the Commonwealth)

Themed settlements can now have appropriate names and titles to match.

The mod utilizes a very simple modular system and is well-organized making expanding upon it very simple.  Check the Articles section for a tutorial on how to create your own pistol from scratch.  It probably won't take more than fifteen minutes to an hour depending on your familiarity with Fallout 4's modding tools.  Now that I've done it a couple dozen times it takes me just a couple of minutes.

Craft what you need at a chem station.

Requires F4SE and Rename Anything.

* Generic First Name Only and Generic First and Last Name pistols are unisex and create a name based on a gender check of the target.  Sometimes females fail the check for whatever reason and are given male names.  The Female versions of those guns always assign female names and are intended as a fail-safe for these circumstances.