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She cute, my dudes, she cute.

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So, here's another LooksMenu Preset, with ONE vital difference: it doesn't look like shit. How did I do this you ask? No, you don't ask? You want to leave the mod page? Well I'm glad you asked, basically what I did was sit for a while and tried to make someone who looked more like a person and less like a botched experiment for a new formula for botox. I did this by re-adjusting the capacity override sensors, cranking the vacuum dial up to 7.51, and using the heat generated from my forehead to power a set of ultra-fluxide tubes. This unlocked my bedroom door. I then proceeded to use a mouse and keyboard to sculpt a face.

If you say she looks ugly, you're objectively WRONG. according to the science of cuteness, she cute.

I suggest not using a big tiddy body, instead use something that more resembles a human being. (No, I'm NOT a triggered soy boy)

Anyway, if you want, you can take the freckles off, but just know that if you do, I WILL be disappointed.