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Adds many more enemies to the Commonwealth. Its meant to make the Commomwealth more dangerous all around.

Permissions and credits
The purpose of this mod is to make the game all around harder and feel more like you're genuinely outnumbered. Each and every added AI was hand placed by yours truly in specific and strategic locations, so watch your surroundings with care if you plan on living. I hope you enjoy the mod and take care!

Approximate Amounts                                      Types Added
-15-20 added in boston.                                                                                                                                   -ghouls
-10-15 added throughout Vault 114.                                                                                                               -Super mutants
-10-15 added in the Corvega Assembly Plant.                                                                                               -Mole rats
-10-15 added in Lexington.                                                                                                                               -Rad scorpions
-5-10 added in Concord.                                                                                                                                   -Trigger men
-5-10 added in Fort Hagen.                                                                                                                               -Raiders
-5-10 added in Hardware Town.                                                                                                                       -Death claws
-5-10 added in the Super Duper Mart.                                                                                                             -Yao guai
-5-10 added in the Museum Of Freedom.                                                                                                       -Mongrels
-And many more added AI's in random unmarked locations.

Side Notes
-I personally recommend using a mod that enhances your damage modifiers alongside with this mod. In doing this, combat will be a challenging, fast paced firefight. This will make you truly feel vulnerable, forcing strategies and thought into fighting, rather than charging in and winning every single fight.
Please do keep in mind, this is purely a suggestion and is not required by any means.

                                                                                                    Version 1.3 Change Log
                                                                             -rebalances some raiders outside of concord that were way too high level.

                                                                                        Version 1.1 dlc Addon Change Log
                                                                        -Adds even more Fog crawlers, Anglers, Wolfs, Feral ghouls, Rad ants and Rad rats.