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An overhaul of the Gunners adding more outfit and headgear variety but keeping their original look and a ton of Stalker gear added to loot and some named NPC's.

Permissions and credits
I have taken S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Style Combat Gear - Incompleted by The_Funktasm and fixed, fettled, finished and in some cases completely remade all the outfits. All the hoods can be worn with all 3 variations of outfit with very little clipping, fixed the gloves on the female ExoSuit, made a female version of the Sunrise Suit and fixed the transparency issue, remade Exosuit and Jumpsuit to fix clipping with Pipboy, went through every Jumpsuit texture and fixed them, finished the Squares Suit (that alone took me the best part of a day) finally I dasaturated anything that looked too brightly coloured and saved what could be in dxt1 format making the filesize much smaller. The only things left out are the Lucha Mask, a load of different coloured Knitcaps that were not implemented anyway (still 3 new ones) and the BOS ExoSuits because they didn't really fit in with my plans. Also added are 7 new outfits for Gunners that keep their original look intact.

So what this mod actually does, I took all the ExoSuits and combined them into one outfit which is called Institute Mercenary Armor, it wil increase your carry weight by 50 and has twelve different colours to choose from via the Armor Workbench. All the Jumpsuits have been added to Prewar loot along with NBC Suits that will begin to appear at level 20. Many named NPC's will appear with full armor sets and hoods which will be unique, I did this to avoid random combinations which looked a bit silly, I chose only dead or recruitable NPC's and those you will most likely kill and loot on your travels. Gunners are the only faction that this mod will change in a big way, Many named ones will be equipped with Stalker Gear and average ones will have a huge variety of Berets, Metal Helmets, Flight Helmets and caps along with seven new outfits that are similar to their original ones. Five outfits were made by me, one by leyr and one by BerndR. 

Version 2 also adds the excellent Recon Armor and Backpack by tumbajamba featuring tweaked meshes and custom textures. It looks badass. Desert Jackal Armor, a little mashup I made is a dirty version of the Desert Jumpsuit with some armor and stuff added to it. A unique Hunting Rifle and Western Revolver with different textures, you can find the weapons on Sal and Russell Sutton and unique outfits on these NPC's.

Jun Long
Tina De Luca
Daniel Finch
Captain Bridget
Luke Silverhand
Ken Standish
Connie Abernathy
Russell Sutton
Curator Givens
Knight Astlin 

The only issue I know of for now is if you use a mod that makes the vanilla Hazmat Suit helmet transparent there will be invisible heads, I will fix this if enough people complain. Prewar Jumpsuits should be pretty rare and NBC Suits even rarer so if they are either not dropping at all or too much please let me know, this is something that is very difficult to judge myself.

Huge thanks to The_Funktasm for creating most of the outfits, he did most of the work so please show your appreciation on his mod page.