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A S.T.A.L.K.E.R. overhaul for CBBE and Vanilla.

Permissions and credits
This mod uses a fixed and fettled version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Style Combat Gear - Incompleted by The_Funktasm, a few other resources that have been polished and some of my work. It adds a large variety of new clothing and armour to the world by distributing it to individual NPC's to keep the mod authors intended look and placing it in prewar loot, Raider and Gunners gear. Looting a corpse might actually be rewarding now with items like the BOS Recon Armor to be found. 

I took The_Funktasm's fine work, corrected a few issues, completed unfinished stuff, added some of mine then tried to integrate it all without feeling like a mod. Nothing is just placed in a box and the only craftable items are Winterized Brotherhood gear. ExoSuits have been combined into one outfit which is called Institute Mercenary Armor, it wil increase your carry weight by 50 and has twelve different colours to choose from via the Armor Workbench. All the armor has been added to Prewar loot along with NBC Suits that will begin to appear at level 20. Many named NPC's and the occasional corpse will wear full armour sets, Jumpsuits and hoods which will be unique. Named Gunners will be equipped with Stalker Gear and average ones will have a huge variety of Berets, Metal Helmets, Flight Helmets and caps along with seven new outfits that are similar to their original ones. Some outfits were made by me, one by leyr and one by BerndR. 
The latest version also adds the excellent Recon Armor and Backpack by tumbajamba featuring tweaked meshes and custom textures. It looks badass. For users of winter mods there are a Winterized Brotherhood helmet plus Trooper, Recon and Knight-Captain uniforms available at the Chem Station. A unique Hunting Rifle and S&W Model 29 with custom textures and a Dirty Pipe Rifle are also included. Problems with things turning pink, invisible armor and clipping should all be fixed now and benitoite has just fixed her fur gloves mod that she kindly allowed me to use.

You can find the weapons on Sal, Dalen and Russell Sutton and unique outfits on these NPC's, 3 bonus outfits for the CBBE version.

Jun Long
Tina De Luca
Daniel Finch
Captain Bridget
Luke Silverhand
Ken Standish
Connie Abernathy
Russell Sutton
Curator Givens
Knight Astlin
Marcy Long (CBBE) 
Lucy Abernathy (CBBE)
Mary Sutton (CBBE)

Huge thanks to The_Funktasm for creating most of the outfits, he did most of the work so please show your appreciation on his mod page.