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A fishing village built on Spectacle Island .........

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Back story

Fish Farm is built mainly on the southern coast of Spectacle Island.  The island itself is barely touched and is open for further player development.

The basic Village supports the following for 21 settlers ................
21 beds
21 jobs
- 2 Bars/Restaurants (Tier III, +60 Happiness)
- 2  Surgery Centers (Tier III, +80 Happiness)
- 5 Traders (Tier III, +75 Happiness)
- 9 Fish Farmers (90 Food, +9 Happiness)
- 3 Guards (+6 Defense)
15 additional power from windmills above the tugboat power
63 Water (60 from water pumps, 3 from pre-existing hand pump)

If you choose to import the farm animals (cats, dogs, Brahmin) you get the following ............
5 Cats (+50 Happiness)
17 Dogs (+85 Defense, +170 Happiness)
3 Brahmin (fertilizer)

Importing the farm animals will insure your settlements happiness gets over 100% and you immediately have a +85 defense rating.

You need the following DLC .......
1. Far Harbor
2. Wasteland Workshop

And the following Mods from Nexus .........
1. Homemaker
2. Port Royal
3. Do it Yourshelf
4. g2m_Workshop
5. OCDecorator

Optional Mods for better looking settlements
Delightful Dead Fish - Healthy Version
FO4 Seasons

Stores in Transfer Settlements folder 30

Known Issues

1. Misaligned elements after Import

Where you stand during import matters ...... but I don't know why.  Best results on Spectacle Island occur when you stand in front of the Workshop.  Also, once imported anything that causes a Save will cause your PC to freeze until the settlement settles!  Best to turn off all Saves in the in-game options until a couple of game days pass.

My Blueprints

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