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Adds a unique hunting rifle utilizing the awesome Sticker Rifle texture from dangermouse330. (So you can have this texture all to yourself and not replace the vanilla hunting rifle texture.)

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"This is my rifle. There are many like it but this one is mine."

dangermouse330 asked if anyone could make a standalone version of his Sticker Rifle, and after discussing it with them this is my humble attempt to answer that call. 
The Sticker Rifle hunting rifle texture is really awesome, and I think it's perfect for a unique weapon. 

I have placed it in the ol' reliable root cellar in Sanctuary for easy acquisition. (Plausible enough place for it to be, I'd say.)

At some point hopefully with dangermouse's creative input I'll make a quest to obtain it and provide it some backstory - I think it deserves that. Or at least use a more prize-worthy spawn location for it to be found. Open to suggestions there, if anyone has any ideas. Could also do weaponsmith version, LL, workbench mod, etc. But personally I think it lends itself perfectly to a unique.

dangermouse330's original mod is not technically required - in fact the point of this is to have a standalone and not replace all hunting rifle full stock textures - but of course you should go download the original to endorse it if you want to use this one. Here it is:
Sticker Rifle texture mod
(To clarify- if you want this to be unique and other hunting rifles to be vanilla, you do not want the texture replacer from the original mod in the textures folder too. This mod uses the folder and esp name StickerRifle, and you don't want both if this is to be unique.)