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Changes the ammo type for fadingsignal's Beretta 92-FS to 9mm ammunition from Deadpool2099's 9mm Pistol. Patches base weapon, and all legendary variants.

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A simple patch that will change the ammo used by fadingsignal's Beretta 92-FS handgun mod. By default it uses 10mm ammo, however this patch will make it use the 9mm ammo from Deadpool2099's 9mm Pistol mod. The base weapon, and all legendary variants have been changed to use this 9mm ammo, and enemies with the weapon should drop 9mm ammo instead of 10mm.

This mod requires fadingsignal's Beretta 92-FS and Deadpool2099's 9mm Pistol.

This is also my first mod, so if something is broken, or I've done goofed, please let me know, thanks.

I've created a .esl version, you'll need to overwrite the .esl from the original mod, whichI've been told might result in existing pistols being removed, I don't know, let me know if it does, I believe it's an issue with .esl files in general.