Fallout 4
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Manual file fix to remove the SynthBodyShockFX visible when Synths get damaged.

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This is a quick fix to remove (visually) the SynthBodyShockFX visible when Synths get damaged.
It will affect all synths in the game- you will no longer see the blue static shock effect when synths are damaged since the actual file is changed.

The file itself is a blank .nif, so the effect is still there but no longer visible.

This is very useful for mods that introduce essential synth race followers and playable characters (Create Followers and Playable Synths) where there is also possibility for the effect to stack, which both ruins immersion and distracts you from the game.

I believe that Playable Synths has rectified this issue via a ring that dispels/prevents the effect from being visible but this is a more solid, global change and useful for other synth mods also.



  1. Download the file manually
  2. Navigate to the directory where Fallout 4 is
  3. Head to Fallout 4/Data/Meshes/actors/Synths/ and place the .nif file in there
  4. (Create the folder path if it is not already there)
  5. Run Fallout and test!

If you have any issues, check that you've got the right file path and that there are no spelling mistakes in your folders.
If all else fails, try messing around with capitalising the folders you've made.

If issues persist then I am unable to help. Sorry!