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This mod overhauls the perks system and introduces talents through levelupmenuex.

Permissions and credits

1. With Specialize, you choose 2 out of 5 talents: Guns, Energy Weapons, Melee(also unarmed), Medicine, and Stealth. Note that these are not traits like from previous Fallouts. 

2. There are 15 tiers of perks. Each tier can only be accessed after picking a lower tier perk. 

3. All perks are single rank and have no requirements; however, certain perks are restricted based on what starting talents you choose.

4. Many perks have been reworked while some remain the same. 


1. You will need LEVELUPMENUEX and F4SE. Make sure this mod overrides LEVELUPMENUEX.

2. Install Specialize either manually or through a mod manager. 

3. You should install MCM and disable view ineligible perks as there is no reason to see perks you can't unlock and it makes the perks list shorter. 

3. I recommend only using this mod on new saves! Doing otherwise shouldn't hurt your save, but is still not recommended.


1. After removing this mod you will have a lot of perks you shouldn't have. If you want to continue using that save, you might want to manually remove each perk with console commands. 

Balance Changes

1. XP gain has been decreased by 40% to prevent the player from having half of the perks by mid-late game. 

2. The guns, energy weapons, and Melee talents give you access to higher level weapon upgrades as you level up. The melee talent also gives you an extra 30% damage. 

3. You receive all of the local leader, hacker, and lockpicking perks on start up. However, you do not get unbreakable bobby pins. You will also progressively gain higher ranks of the armorer perk as you level up. New ranks of armorer(and any other talent based perks) are gained on levels 1, 5, 15, 25. 

4. Stimpaks heal 50% over 5 seconds and radaway heals 25% over 5 seconds. The medicine traits doubles the duration of stimpaks and radaway. 

5. Many perks like Ghoulish, Animal Friend, Wasteland Whisperer, etc have had their ranks combined into one perk. 

Keep in mind

1. I balanced this mod with Better Locational Damage in mind. You will likely be underpowered if you try and use it in vanilla. 

2. For compatibility, many perks like Sneak, Commando, Rifleman, etc will unlock their vanilla counter parts. The vanilla versions are hidden and have no effect. 

3. Because perks have no restrictions, you may want to add a level cap. You will have access to every perk(except trait specific ones) by level 15. 

4. I have very limited play time with Fallout 4. As such, I can't guarantee that the balance will be perfect since I'm am not aware of the original vanilla meta. I will make balance changes based on feedback. Hopefully, I won't need to change too much. 

5. I plan on making a Special Rework mod that will better balance Specials to better fit with this mod. I have no eta on this. 

6. This mod makes a few small changes to Levelupmenu.swf from Neanka's mod LEVELUPMENUEX. The changes are just for aesthetics. If you think you can improve the look of the mod at all feel free to try.