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A little gadget that can detect active mines and traps around you. No more accidents because you stepped on a mine you couldn't see!

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I have so many grass and foliage mods installed, that I can't even see all the landmines waiting for me, which can be really frustrating on survival.
Here is the solution: A mine and trap detector! This works really great in combination with Click N Boom aka Immersive Mines .

There are two variants availabe:
  • A simple mine detector which beeps faster when you get closer to a mine.
  • A High-tech Mine detector. This one beeps too. It also highlighs mines in detection range red. This one can be upgraded to also detect various traps like tripwires.

How to get them.
You can craft them at the chemlab.

You can now toggle the beeping sound via MCM or the toggle item you can craft at the chemlab.

Both the simple and the high-tech detector can have three range upgrades. The short range scanner is installed by default. It has a range of about 5m. You can upgrade that to a medium range (10m) and even to a long range (20m) scanner. The High-tech Mine detector can also be upgraded to detect various traps.

Energy consumption
The detector consumes energy from fusion cells. This behaviour can be toggled via then new MCM menu. With the default settings a single fusion cell can power the detector for 30 real time minutes. You can change this value to your preference.

Power Armor
All vanilla Power Armor helmets can be upgraded with a Mine Detector. PAs always use the maximum configuration (max. range and ability to detect both mines and traps). Their detectors get powered by the main core and don't need extra Fusion Cells.