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Grenades are no longer infinite for NPC's. Also includes AWKCR and Radrose/VIS naming. Fixes Molotov pickup sound.

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VIS version coming soon, currently only available with Radrose Usability Enhancements naming. Highly recommended, but not required!

  • Script Free. No issues with updating/changing current saves with this mod.



  • NPC's now use up grenades in their inventory. This is my version of NPCs Use Up Grenades No More Nade SpamNPC's don't spawn with many grenades, so that means less grenades spammed at you.
  • Main File includes Radrose naming for the grenades. This allows cool new icons to show for different types of grenades in your pipboy. 
  • Grenades are currently weightless. Non Weightless version not yet available.
  • Includes the fix implemented by Fallout 4 Unofficial patch which adds pickup sounds for Molotovs.


  • Radrose is optional.