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  • GOT - Gatherers Out There: the complete guide

    This guide can be read in the setting holotape too.

    - 2 new jobs for settlers: hunting and herbalism.
    - 2 new gathering station: the hunter’s table and the herbalist’s workshop (Workshop > Resources > Misc).
    - Renewed scavenger's behaviour and scavenging station's functions.
    - The gatherers (hunters, herbalists, and scavengers) leave their home settlements and wander around the wastelands in search of resources they need (meat, herbs, scraps).
    - Every location has specific local fauna to hunt, flora to gather and scraps to scavenge.

    - work at the hunter’s table
    - daily gather meat and animal body parts (hides, teeth, claws, etc...) according to the local fauna
    - can for...