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Patches Freeze Intimidation Overhaul to work perfectly with Horizon.

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This is a patch to make sure Freeze Intimidation Overhaul works alongside Horizon just fine. This isn't a quick edit but made with actual balancing in mind, list of changes:

- All the items (handcuffs, dirty psycho etc) were given proper sorting tags (so handcuffs aren't treated like junk) and proper assembly/disassembly recipes just like misc items in Horizon. The explosive collar and handcuffs are found in the 'tools' section of horizon tech lab crafting menu. Dirty jet remains in chemistry lab.
-The perks were completely rebalanced - I hated how original Freeze mod worked; it turned bachelor/black window perks into useless stuff (locked it into 9 charisma) while keeping the wasteland whisperer / animal friend at the vanilla requirements. Now intimidation perk requires 6 charisma (after all, you don't need to be a goddamn politician to make someone surrender after you just blew his friend's brains out) while animal friend requires 9 charisma and wasteland whisperer requires 10 charisma (you're convincing deathclaws to 'help' you... you better have charisma of Don Johnson proportions..)  this means you might have some issues using this on a save where you have one of the perks described already... but the only problem would be having a perk you're not meant to have while your charisma is lower than the requirement.. so its more of a balance issue.
-Some other minor changes

Install Freeze Intimidation Overhaul.
Overwrite the .esp with mine.