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Welcome to Vault 88! We hope you enjoy your stay.

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A built Vault 88 for all your vaulting needs. 
Little to no quests are done, except the Minutemen Museum of Freedom quest and I have joined the Minutemen, Brotherhood has been joined and helped to clear the popo station (police station) and that should be pretty much it. Level 57 character, more than enough building materials, Sanctuary also has a home.
The pixelated picture is purposeful. It's just a picture of Vault 88's door pretty much. 
This is a modded save.
This was created on a game with all DLCs bought. 
Although I did enable achievements with mods and put a mod vault elevator. Eh, I guess it should work out for you.
Also there's 4 files, there should be an unmodded save file. It has a DLC elevator, not the vault elevator.
No, it's on Hard, not Survival. List of mods used in the readme file.
The WHOLE Vault isn't built, only the main area where you first find Barstow.

New Vault 88 build being worked on because I'm a perfectionist. Only 3 people out of 7 billion care anyways.

Guide Vault 88 to greatness.