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Adds a number of settlements to popular locations. All Buildable areas are fairly large and tall, I've tried not to do too many alterations to the original areas and instead allow you to build what you want.

Permissions and credits

Commonwealth GECK Project - All Locations - New Settlements

This is part of an ongoing project that is intended for post-final battle ongoing game. There will be more quests and locations to follow. Should be fully functional, tested supply lines and followers and assignable NPCs. Any issues please let me know.

All Buildable areas are fairly large and tall, I've tried not to do too many alterations to the original areas and instead allow you to build what you want.

Currently Testing:

  • Heritage Pointe - Outside Vault 111

Recently Added:

  • The Fens
  • Salem 

Current Areas Include:

  • Concord (Entire City Coverage)
  • Lexington (Entire City Coverage)
  • Nahant Society (Oceanological Center and Chapel)
  • Boston Mayoral Shelter
  • Gibson Point Pier (Includes Reeb Marina and Surrounding waterway)
  • The Towers (Layton and Trinity Towers with area between)
  • Federal Surveillance Center (Abandoned Shack Glowing Sea - Elevator quest then claim workshop)
  • Natick Banks (Largest Settlement yet - Workshop in Substation Warehouse)
  • Fallons City ( Camp Kendall/Ticon/Greentech area)
  • Coast Guard Pier
  • Scrap Palace(Includes Robotics Pioneer Park)
  • West Roxbury (Includes Fairline Hills area and Fallons Department Ext)
  • South Boston (General Atomics Factory, Gwinnett Brewery, Four Leaf Fishpacking, South Boston PD) 
  • East Boston (Easy City Downs, East Boston Prep, East Boston PD)
  • Quincy Ruins (The entire City, From Atomatoys Ext, to Billy's House to the Entry of Quicky Excavations)
  • Libertalia
  • Fort Strong
  • Boston Harbor

Each of these areas is big enough for an entire town.

Recommendations -

I highly recommend an alternative scrapper such as STS/Scrap The commonwealth so you can remove unwanted items and snappy housekit or similar with this. You can fix all the broken parts of buildings and turn into fully operational repaired versions. Even the empty unused sections of the ticon or greentech building. Makes the whole area incredibly immersive. These areas do NOT break precombines by default in consideration of GPU since some of these are highly urban areas which can already be a bit taxing so if you want something that does break those pre combines to easily scrap even more things you'd have to load that separate and after this mod. 

Optional Files - 

  • No PreVis Option - Turns off all precombines in new settlement areas, will affect GPU/Performance but can be turned off easily when not scrapping
  • No East Boston Option - For People Experiencing Glitches or Issues with other mods/incompatibilities I've created a "no east boston" option as well as an additional option "fully edited" East Boston with updated precombines and a "no edits" east boston with just the workshop added to the garage and nothing else. 
  • Concord Restoration Project Patch - Patch created so you can use Concord Exterior as a full settlement along with the with the visual overhauls of Concord and interior player workshops - Check out the Mod by Fennix88 at Concord Restoration Project
  • Single Locations Only - I've uploaded some and will be uploading the rest shortly for people wanting to pick and choose which individual locations they want added instead of only all-in-one


  • If you experienced issues with an area Temporarily Removed For Testing, please delete mod, open game, save and exit, then reload mod. This will prevent any 0% happiness issues that happened with the Surveillance Center. 
  • Also as an unintended part of the last merge, this includes part of the next phase of the Quest, so if you notice some greening outside of vault 111, this is why) I'd also say that the area directly outside the vault heading east will be another location added though unless you're in god mode right now you couldn't claim it. Feel free to look around though note it is incomplete at this time.  Also since this has landscape edits, some LOD/Floating trees might currently show, shouldn't show on new games but like everything else, if you see any issues please feel free to let me know although since that area is WIP it might be known issue that's already resolved.

**SPOILERS** Workshop Locations: For anyone having trouble finding the workshops

  • Heritage Pointe-Small Workshop Shack with Generator 
  • South Boston-Outside the Super Mutant Stronghold near General Atomics Factory
  • East Boston-Inside Garage by Pub
  • Quincy Ruins -Inside the Chapel  
  • Concord-Inside Hardware Store
  • Lexington-Outside of Basketball Court
  • Nahant Society-Outside the Oceanological Center
  • Boston Mayoral Shelter-In Control Tower
  • Gibson Point Pier-Outside Gibson Bathrooms
  • The Towers-Outside Layton Tower
  • Federal Surveillance Center -Outside the Abandoned Shack  **HIGHLY recommend doing Elevator quest then claim workshop**
  • Natick Banks-in Substation Warehouse to the East of the Chapel
  • Fallons City -Behind Turned Over Truck outside of Ticon exterior going towards the Fallons Department Store
  • Coast Guard Pier-In the Unlocked Modular Capsule Building
  • Scrap Palace-Top floor of Ruined Warehouse
  • West Roxbury-The trickiest one of the bunch,  complete the survival obstacles and it's right near the toolbox and the bed at the end on the 2nd floor
  • Libertalia-Outside North Entrance Shack on Pier
  • Fort Strong-By the Coastal Helipad
  • Boston Harbor -In Waterfront Warehouse
  • Salem-Outside the Museum of Witchcraft near hatch door
  • The Fens-Around Corner from Diamond City Entrance Near Large Storage Container

All Locations as Individual, separate from collection are available as well at my Bethesda Mods Page (I plan on uploading them here as well, as available to do so)
Check them out at -