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Required mods:

-Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- (Textures are based around this body type, no exception for the time being)

Recommended Mods:

-LooksMenu (Some parts of the head mesh are easier to select and sculpt with this interface)


Activate the esm to have the race available to NPCs you may want to change, or activate the player plugin as well to play as a Vulpine.

Load Order:

-All other DLC.esm
-Additional mods

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will there be a male version?
A: Eventually yes, but I don't give an exact date. Hopefully soon.

Q2: Why did this take so long to release?
A: Lots of experimenting, very busy schedules and personal life, and a lot of mistakes made making progress.

Q3: How can I apply the race to my existing character?
A: You can use the console, or any other means to change character preset.

Q4: Xbox release?
A: Surely to happen, though may hold off till the male is finished, but lets see how the PC release goes first.

Q5: Can I re-upload elsewhere?
A:Sure, but send me a PM first. I like to know the site, and whether you're doing a translation. On that note, absolutely no commercialization of any assets within this mod!

Q6: How can I uninstall or change back to a human?
A: Be sure to deactivate only the player plugin first. Afterwards change presets back to a human character. Then you can uninstall the mod.

Q7: Can I modify/edit/fix or create my own version?
A: You can, but if you to include textures or meshes, please contact me first. I'm usually quick to respond.


Similar to mods like Crimes Against Nature, the esm itself is compatible with just about everything. Activating the player plugin though is when there can be minor issues. These are rare, but can occur. One example is the tail stretching far and wide, but merely bringing up your pip boy will fix it instantly.

Known Issues:

There is a seam between the arms and hands. Very small, but noticeable.
Tail can clip with the ground, this is normal, don't worry about it.

CreditsExceptionGate: Pretty much the very reason this mod exists to begin with. Absolutely amazing support with meshes and textures, and a very awesome group that is fun to chat to. Take a look at their blog for similar work, and developer advice!

LazyRadly: For showing me what a Fallout 4 is and how to Fallout 4.

FancyPantzzz: Advice on meshes, and providing help with head mesh exports.

RussianPrince: Created the tail framework for physics, after previous attempts failed, and greatly improved the quality of the Inari design. Assisting with hand meshes, and successfully exporting troublesome meshes.
HIdemaro: For the original Inari Tail assets from Oblivion.

Darklynxxx: For providing further feedback and help with the tail model.

And a huge thank you to all those you tested out the mod, and who were able to provide criticism and feedback!