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Special thanks to @thedarkone1047 for his assistance with this project.
Sanguinaire brings the world of vampirism to Fallout 4 in the form of a mutated disease.

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Welcome to Sanguinaire!

I am currently doing a demonstration playthrough on YouTube. See link below or visit the videos section of this page.
Skyrim Reborn, an upcoming overhaul mod for Skyrim is currently in development. stay tuned for updates. Skyrim reborn is due for initial release November.

Visit my YouTube channel for more game playthroughs.
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If you were using any of the previous BETA or ALPHA versions of this module, please uninstall them first. Sanguinaire is best played on a new save, or a save that has not used previous versions of the module. This version of the MOD is specific to the Nexus Community, using only Fallout 4 native sound effects. Different sound effects are used for vampirism functions on the version due to a usage discrepancy.

Special thanks to @thedarkone1047 for his assistance with this project.
Sanguinaire brings the world of vampirism to Fallout 4 in the form of a mutated strain of FEV (Forced evolutionary virus). The disease can be contracted from other vampires than can be found throughout the world, from blood feeding creatures that may be carrying the disease or contaminated blood products. This module has appeared in various ALPHA and BETA forms over the past 8 months and is now a full release. Some functions that previously existed were removed while new one's have been added.

We will be releasing a DLC later in the year that will allow the player to officially play as a vampire hunter.

Vampirism Basics:
Once infected with the vampire disease, you will undergo a 72 hours transition period in which your stats will be damaged by the disease. After 72 hours victims of the disease will turn if they survive. The infection is not limited to the player. Humanoid NPCs can also be infected, either by enemies, or by the player if he / she is a vampire. The disease spreads via direct contact with an infected NPC or the Player if infected either in combat, or while feeding on a vulnerable target. NPC's will undergo the same 72 hour incubation period before turning. The only way to prevent yourself turning should you become infected is to purchase a viral disease serum which is sold by some merchants and doctors, and can sometimes be found in medkits. To begin with, you will need to scavenge blood packs in order to survive. As you unlock new perks you will gain the ability to feed on humanoids via a needle and empty blood pack, and later via a bite. You can also craft blood packs at a chem station.

Sun Damage:
As a vampire, the sun will inhibit many of your abilities. The majority of your vampire related perks will not function during daylight hours. The sun will also damage your max health and AP.

You will need to feed on blood to remain capable and healthy as a vampire. Failure to do so will damage the effectiveness of your vampiric perks and abilities. Hunger becomes harder to sustain as you grow stronger. See ranking below.

In the beginning, as a new vampire the disease has not yet progressed enough to allow you to bite. You will need to feed on blood packs. There are several ways to obtain blood packs. See herewith:

1) You can purchase them from some traders. Usually chem traders.
2) You can craft empty blood packs from plastic, but you will need a ranked perk to fill it from a sleeping humanoid.
3) You can make low-grade blood packs from blood-bug blood sacs and plastic, however be warned low grade blood packs risk infecting you if you are human since the bloodbugs often carry the disease.

As a vampire, you can earn a perk to extract blood from sleeping human or humanoid NPCs if you have both empty blood packs and bleedout syringes. After earning the ghoulish perk you can feed from sleeping NPCs with a bite if you have no equipment.

Benefits VS Weaknesses of vampirism:
When you become a vampire, specific character stats are increases as you rank up. These include Strength, Endurance and Agility. Vampires also receive an unarmed and melee combat bonus. Vampires are built for physical strength and combat. Vampires are however weakened by UV radiation. This means vampires are weakened by sunlight, and by weapons that use high intensity light bursts as ammunition such as laser guns.

Once you become a vampire, you will receive a quest in your log called "Sanguinaire" which is used to manage your vampire rank. Each rank will increase your physical abilities making you stronger, and will unlock new perks. Some perks can only be unlocked via the perk chart, while other's are rank based. As you increase in rank, you will receive a penalty to your hunger timer, making the need to feed more frequent. At the highest rank you will need to feed at least every 8 hours. The formula for ranking is based on level up and the player will be notified by the Sanguinaire quest when they rank up. The formula starts at the level you turn and works up from there. Here is an example:

First Rank: Vampire Fledgling - Achieved by increasing character level by +1 after turning.
Second Rank: Full-Fledged Vampire - Achieved by increasing character level by +2 after achieving rank 1.
Third Rank: Blooded Vampire - Achieved by increasing character level by +3 after achieving rank 2.
Fourth Rank: Vampire Shadow-Walker - Achieved by increasing character level by +4 after achieving rank 3.
Fifth Rank: Vampire Nightstalker - Achieved by increasing character level by +5 after achieving rank 4.
Sixth Rank: Master Vampire - Achieved by increasing character level by +6 after achieving rank 5.

The vampire disease:
The disease that causes vampirism is a variant of the forced evolutionary virus (FEV) that mutated after it escaped the institute labs. It can infect a multitude of humanoid beings that began as human. You will encounter human vampires, Supermutant Vampires and Ghoulish Vampires as you explore the world. Only humanoid NPC's can be infected by the disease. Mechanical synths are immune, but biological synths are not since they use a synthetic humanoid biological tissue template for their biology.

NPC Vampires:
The NPC vampires can be found throughout the world as you explore. If you are hunting for vampires deliberately be sure to be well prepared as they are stronger than the average human. Vampires are weak to weapons that use high intensity light such as lasers, due to their weakness to UV Radiation. If you are hunting vampires, think about the kinds of places vampires are likely to hide, or scavenge for blood. This is where you are most likely to find them. NPC vampires are ranked to the same specifications as the player at their ranks, so be warned - high ranking vampires will be much more powerful than lower ranking vampires. Mechanical synths are immune, but biological synths are not since they use a humanoid template for their biology.

Avoiding MOD Conflicts:
Sanguinaire will need priority in the load order over mods that effect blood packs, for example alchemy mods or chem mods. This is because blood packs use a script to trigger the feeding function. If this functions is overridden it may cause you not to be able to feed on blood packs. Sanguinaire also uses an activate perk for extracting blood from, and feeding on NPCs. Bethesda restricts MOD prompt availability to one at a time. Other mods that give the player a perk to activate NPCs may override the Extract Blood and Feeding perks.

Known module conflicts:
Corpse Cleaner
Weightless Junk and Other Items (Causes blood pack feeding script conflict)

If you wish to help support us in our creation and channel work, a donation button can be found below. Thank you in advance!

Christopher Ham (Creator)