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HD Retextures for all classic pre and post-war Frames & Canvas for Paintings and Pictures

2K Frame Textures > compatible with all Painting Replacers, Player Homes and Settlement Building mods!

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Delightful Frames is a HD retexture mod that aims at making all paintings and pictures in FO4 more beautiful
by giving them a high quality frame (2k texture size). The mod also includes canvas retextures
to ensure even the destroyed post-war paintings look good.

The Pre-War Frame retextures are slightly golden colored and include a clean canvas texture. The Post-War Frames, that you can find in many
Commonwealth locations (damaged and undamaged versions) are grey/silver with a matching dirty canvas texture.

(optimzed meshes (with edited UV-maps) for the abstract paintings and small picture frames are included)

((Retextures for the (plain wooden) colorful "modern" Player Home Painting Frames are not included in this mod))

The Delightful Frames Retextures are compatible with all painting replacer mods (modern, classic, Pin-Ups, landscape,...) but will look good with the vanilla paintings too. They also work great with all Player Home or Crafting/Settlement/Building mods!  :)

I'd love to see the newly retextured frames in your games and how they look with the ENB and other Retextures that you have installed! 
So please add your painting screenshots here to the mod image section!
(PinUps are fine but please no nudity/NSFW stuff)

Use the NMM! If you want to install it manually, just download and unzip the file,
then drag the data folder into your main Fallout4 directory.
If you need help and more info about FO4 Mod Installation then follow this >>>link<<<

A big thank you to Blackmaid, Gambit77 and Vronykah for testing and feedback! <3

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