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Stronger variations of syringes for the Syringer. Now in Spanish thanks very much to Takerr.

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Variations intended to make the Syringer useful and fun on Survival difficulty. Darts are more powerful but over a longer time. Radscorpion and Berserk darts have additional effects on the target.

Radscorpion: Cripples all limbs (target remains mobile) and does 420 damage over 60 seconds

Berserk: Increased frenzy time to 120 seconds (effect resets when no other enemies are nearby), increases target Endurance by 4 and Strength by 8.

Bleedout: Does 900 damage over 60 seconds

Lockjoint: Increased duration to 120 seconds

Mind Cloud: Increased duration to 120 seconds

Pax: Increased duration to 120 seconds

Yellow Belly: Increased duration to 120 seconds

Endangerol: Reduce damage reduction by 75% for 30 seconds (previously 25% for 2 minutes)

Bloatfly: Greatly increased ?chance of success? or... may cause an infestation?

Now in Spanish thanks very much to Takerr.

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