Fallout 4
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Fixes everything that was originally wrong with Dogmeat. Also removes his Max Level Limit. See details! Script-Free!

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We made it to HOT MODS! Thank you Everyone!

Immersive Dogmeat
Smart - Silent - Sneaky

Never leave Dogmeat at home again!
An All-In-One Dogmeat mod! SCRIPT-FREE!
Fully Compatible with Everyone's Best Friend Mod

-  Removes the Max Level Limit from Dogmeat!

-  Dogmeat is now smarter about his engagements. He will never initiate combat first, only when he or the player is attacked.

Dogmeat is now virtually undetectable while sneaking, to make him less of a burden and more of a tactical attack dog

-  If attacked, Dogmeat will evaluate the attacker correctly. If the target is stronger than Dogmeat (Sentry bot, Mirelurk Queen, Boss, Etc.) he will avoid combat with that target.

-  Dogmeat no longer makes idle noises while the player is sneaking. His barking in an enemy compound was starting to get ridiculous.

-  Makes Dogmeat's paws a little quieter. This dog is no horse!

-  No changes to Dogmeat's appearance was made. There are plenty of Dogmeat re-textures to chose from!